"BPM" to achieve cost control? Budget cost grasping node, fine management

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"BPM" to achieve cost control? Budget cost grasping node, fine management

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UlTiMuS BPM experts stress that in order to effectively control costs, there is a general need to look at two places: on the one hand is budget management and the other is cost control. At the same time, we should combine these two aspects effectively, grasping the node to realize the cost control within the budget.

Can BPM achieve effective budget cost control? Grasping node control costs

Of course, the cost control is within a certain reasonable range, only in this way can make investment and development virtuous circle. At present, UlTiMuS BPM cost control scheme is an "early warning mechanism" to facilitate the decision-making of managers, to provide decision-making signals for future enterprise development, BPM cost control scheme has been successfully implemented in Qingdao beer, Shandong Unicom and other more than 10 enterprises to implement on-line application.

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Cost control implementation Plan--Tsingtao beer

(1) based on the UlTiMuS process management platform, the construction of a mature and stable, can continue to provide support for Tsingtao beer management and business development of a new generation of process management information platform;

(2) To achieve the budget and expense of the process management, mainly include: Budget process management, daily loan process management, travel expenses, project costs, daily expenses, such as process management, purchase payments, reimbursement payments, other payments and other payment process management;

(3) Integration of existing HR systems, ORACLEERP and budget systems through the interface technology of the UlTiMuS process management platform.

BPM Cost Control: budgeting--node real-time pre-control

Budget in the approval process, transfer to the approval node for approval, the budget approval through the formal formation of the budget. The costs during the budget period will be controlled by the system within the budget, and if the budget approval is not approved, the budget-makers need to re-compile the budget, enter the system, and submit the approval.

(1) The node in the borrowing and reimbursement process can display the balance of the budget item;

(2) For each budget project, to provide a budget warning, if the excess or exceed the percentage, the system will produce alarm prompts;

(3) When the budget is exceeded, the super-budget can force no reimbursement and borrowing.

BPM Fee Control: Cost Management--control each link

Cost control solutions are mainly reflected in the following areas:

(1) Application for approval of fees

If the budget is under control, the data that is filled in will be within the scope of the set-up when filling in the fee request.

During the approval process, the approver approves the fees and approves the relevant information such as the available budget data and the amount reimbursed by the applicant, and assists the approver to make accurate judgments.

(2) Loan repayment management

At the time of submission of the borrowing documents, the system first checks whether the applicant is already in existence or not, and if there is no repayment, the system prompts that the borrowing request is not allowed.

Can BPM achieve effective budget cost control? about how to control cost costs, is almost all enterprises in the development process, want to get rid of the extensive development mode, realize the cost and profit organically combined demand. So, how to solve the problem of cost management?

In short, in order to effectively control the cost, it is necessary to look at two places: on the one hand, budget management, on the other hand, cost control. At the same time, we should combine these two aspects effectively, grasping the node to realize the cost control within the budget.

--Article Source: Security (China) process research and Development center, if you want to know more, you can follow our official website or the subscription number "Ultimus PDC".

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"BPM" to achieve cost control? Budget cost grasping node, fine management

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