"Case Study" example of wireless Modbus communication between Siemens S7-200 and frequency converters

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In the industrial field by the PLC remote control inverter application is very common, if the trench wiring inconvenience or frequency converter on the mobile device, then the use of wireless communication is the best solution.

   The benefits of this program are: No operating costs, no card, autonomous group network, distance, can pass through obstacles, bypassing the barrier, wireless transmission distance of more than 3 kilometers.

   Here we use Siemens PLC and Delta Inverter as an example, and combined with Siandate dtd433m wireless Data terminal to illustrate the wireless communication between the PLC and the frequency converter process.

   Other inverters and s7-200 wireless Modbus communication are the same, the biggest difference is that the communication code is the manufacturer's own definition, check the instructions on the line.

   Our hardware testing environment is as follows:


One, PLC programming steps


(1) to initialize the Modbus master communication; Detailed programming process instructions and illustrations please download this program documentation.

(2) Read and write the data of the slave-keeping register;

Frequency Converter parameter setting:

Ii. Summary of cases  

This case introduces in detail the programming method of remote control frequency converter via Modbus RTU command of PLC.

This solution solves the problem that the industrial field cabling is not changed, the mobile equipment cannot pull the cable and the wear of the slip beam is broken.

With the DTD433M wireless communication Data terminal, it is very convenient to realize the long-range wireless control of PLC and frequency converter.

dtd433m Wireless Data terminal communication distance, easy maintenance, reliable and durable, in steel plants, substations, sewage treatment plant and other industrial environments for more than eight years of continuous operation.

dtd433m Wireless Modbus Communication terminal can pass through the barrier, bypassing the barrier, wireless transmission distance of more than 3 kilometers;

This program has no operating costs, no card, with RS232 and RS485 interface and self-adapting function.

This program in Chifeng steel mill blower High-voltage inverter long-distance wireless speed control project run more than 2 years.

Iii. Related Information  

  " Long distance wireless communication between Brand PLC and inverter "document download


" Siandate provides free 30 PLC wireless communication routines

"Siandate provides" Kingview and Siemens PLC wireless communication terminals and Solutions

Get the data password you can follow the subscription number DTD110HF:

Add scanning QR Code: Enter 1 First, then enter 2 to get the password.

"Case Study" example of wireless Modbus communication between Siemens S7-200 and frequency converters

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