"Cloud Grand Pulpit" hyper-converged, integrating not only the infrastructure

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Gartner's technology maturity curve shows that the current hyper-convergence is beginning to enter a rapid growth period, with the expansion of the hyper-converged sphere of influence as the digital transformation and the overall cloud of business are advancing. According to IDC data, 2017 China's hyper-converged market growth of 115.3%, the overall market size of 379.3 million U.S. dollars, hyper-integration shows the potential of strong market mainstream.

At present, hyper-converged market is becoming more and more prosperous, but the problem of product morphology homogeneity and uneven maturity has troubled the user selection. Through a large number of existing customer needs research, as well as the Enterprise cloud computing market trends of insight, progress hyper-converged products for multiple version iterations, has evolved into enterprise-specific cloud artifact.

Hung Hongsu converged on the infrastructure of resource fusion such as compute, network and storage, and converged to deploy Cnware, which is self-developed by cloud macros. Virtualized platforms and Winstore distributed storage, plus cloud service center business systems, enable unified management of the expansion capabilities of public cloud, desktop cloud, and backup. In other words, the Hung Hongsu integration machine not only embodies the existing advantages of hyper-fusion, but also realizes the dual virtualization of "Server virtualization + Desktop Virtualization", "private cloud + public cloud" hybrid cloud management, and virtual machine backup function, so as to meet most of the enterprise digital transformation and cloud business needs.

Hyper-converged hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is the main mode and development direction of cloud computing in recent years. Enterprises can take advantage of the scalability and cost benefits of public cloud, deploy non-critical applications and data to public clouds, and keep critical applications and data in a private cloud, ensuring data security. Hung HONGSU Integration of virtualization platform Cnware, has passed the National Security Science and Technology Assessment Center testing, to meet the stringent requirements of high security areas, for users of private cloud data security to provide a strong guarantee.

Hyper-converged Cloud desktop

In traditional enterprise IT construction, as a core infrastructure, PC is often confronted with a series of problems, such as complex configuration, high cost of upgrade, imperfect data security mechanism and inability to centralize management. To solve the dilemma of traditional PC desktop, cloud desktop emerged.

The Hung Hongsu converged Cloud Desktop is based on hyper-converged architecture for desktop user management, image management, and personal data management. Using virtualization technology to centralize the PC desktop in the data center, and to deliver desktops to users through the network, can effectively improve the deployment efficiency, simplify the desktop operations, the perfect solution to the IT supply and demand contradictions and enterprise information security issues.

Hyper-converged Cloud Backup

At any time, data security is an important part of information construction. Hung Hongsu converged virtualization has been implemented HA (highly available) to effectively prevent single points of failure, using shared storage to ensure that the business is highly available. In addition, the cloud Macros agentless intelligent Backup enables business availability on the basis of reliable data, and even if storage hangs, backup VMS enable second-level business recovery through instantaneous recovery to ensure customer business continuity.

In the future, with the continuous upgrading of hyper-converged products, there will be more and more features of special XXX to pay users, and continuously upgrade the user's private cloud experience. Hung Hongsu Fusion, more secure, more reliable, more intelligent!

"Cloud Grand Pulpit" hyper-converged, integrating not only the infrastructure

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