"Do not invent the wheel yourself" and "learn how the wheel was invented"

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Foreigners often say: do not invent the wheel on your own.

In fact, many people also say this to me. It doesn't mean this sentence is wrong, but it always feels awkward. It seems like something is worse.

In high school political courses, there is a saying "labor creates beauty", which always makes me feel something missing. Of course, I knew this sentence when I was a beginner, but I wanted to parse it from the truth, but it was my idea in the classroom. The puzzled answer was found in a philosophical book in the second year of college. I will repeat the original intention here:

1. "labor creates beauty". This sentence is only one of the quotes in the Marx book. Although it is beautiful, it is not all about it.

2. "labor creates beauty" is not a sufficient condition. I can change it to "labor creates ugliness" and is completely correct. Of course, if the former is correct.

3. "labor creates beauty" means that labor can create beauty, but nothing can be created without saying "Labor" (such as "ugly ").

I once discussed a similar situation in the blog "false proposition in system R & D". That is to say, a single statement is put forward, which makes you think is the case. Once it is actually done, I think this is not the case. The harm is that it sounds right. It is very wrong. The more it is done, the farther it is wrong, and the deeper the harm.

"Don't invent the wheel yourself" is right, but foreigners have never said that you also don't need to "understand how the wheel was invented ".

In my real life, I found that many people also understand that they do not need to understand how the wheel is invented ". Their logic is limited to "I will use it ".

This is just like if I am an ordinary mobile phone user, then I can use a mobile phone. But if I am a mobile phone design, production, and repair engineer, I will only use the wheel invented by others, then nothing will happen.

I found that many VC developers do not know that the default function stack space in Windows is 1 MB. Once the variable Declaration requires more than 1 MB of space and causes the running to crash, they are puzzled.

In my opinion, this method is called "challenge common sense "! For example, a brother told me two days ago that reading a file about 1 MB to the memory was a matter of nanoseconds, And I was dizzy. I don't know when the computer was so advanced. Later, I checked that the minimum unit of the related time was 100 nanoseconds! He can see the word "nanoseconds. This is the difference between heaven and earth!

What surprised me another one was an interview.ProgramMember. I asked him what the value range of a char type data is. He gave me a serious thought and said, It is the power of 8 from 0 to 2. I quickly reminded him that char is signed, and he thought about it again, it is the power of negative 2 to the power of positive 2 to the power of 7. I was speechless!

It's right not to invent the wheel on your own, but if you don't know how the wheel was invented, it would be too far away!

Technology is a technology because it has a high threshold. The difference between the inside and outside of this threshold is: knowing its own, and knowing its own. Most people can understand it, and some people must know it. You can know it at a specific time. You must know it at this time!

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