"Data Mining R Language Combat" book introduction, data Mining related people look over!

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Today introduces a book, "Data Mining R language combat." Data mining technology is the most critical technology in the era of big data, its application fields and prospects are immeasurable. R is a very good statistical analysis and data mining software, R language features is easy to get started, easy to use.

This book focuses on the use of R for data mining, focusing on the R data mining process, the use of algorithm packages and related tools, combined with a large number of selected data mining examples of r software in-depth dive and comprehensive introduction, so that readers can understand the essence of R and can quickly, Gain efficient and flexible access to data mining techniques using R.

This book is based on data preprocessing, basic algorithms and applications and advanced algorithms and applications of these three presentations.

(1) Prev: Data preprocessing

Composed of 第1-5, we first briefly introduce data mining processes, algorithms, and tools, then introduce data classification and datasets in R, as well as a variety of flexible ways to get data using R. Finally, the method of exploratory analysis and preprocessing of data is described. These are the most basic elements of data mining using R.

(2) Medium: Basic algorithm and application

It is composed of 第6-9, which mainly describes the basic algorithms and applications of data mining, including association analysis, cluster analysis, discriminant analysis and decision tree, which are the most common algorithms used in data mining. R provides a rich, powerful algorithm package and implementation functions, the primary and intermediate data mining users must master.

(3) Next: Advanced Algorithms and applications

Composed of 第10-14, it mainly describes advanced algorithms and applications of data mining, including integrated learning, random forest, support vector machine and neural network, and using tools in R to evaluate and select data mining models.

Through this book, you can not only grasp the use of R and related algorithm packages to quickly solve practical problems, but also from the actual problem analysis, to the use of R to solve, as well as the analysis of mining results of the comprehensive training.

The book is applicable to computer, Internet, machine learning, information, mathematics, economics and finance, management, logistics, statistics and undergraduate and postgraduate use of science and engineering, but also to help marketing, finance, finance, human resources managers and product managers to solve practical problems, but also to help engage in consulting, research, Analysis of the industry and the management of all levels to improve professional standards.

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"Data Mining R Language Combat" book introduction, data Mining related people look over!

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