"Digital Signal Processing" Learning Summary

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21st century belongs to the digital information age, it is fortunate to learn some of the basic content of digital signals, although it is not clear the application of these theoretical basis, but his application of the technology has given himself a lot of accumulation also let himself feel the greatness of human wisdom, this article mainly discusses the Gaoxi and Ding Yu-mi authoring "digital Signal Processing" Brief study summary.

In order to learn the main contents of the book, the signal has analog signal, time domain discrete signal and digital signal, the main discussion is the discrete signal and discrete systems, why the digital signal processing is to discuss the time domain discrete signal? The reason is the difference between digital signal and discrete signal, the quantization error of digital signal, and the characteristic research of discrete signal is relatively easy.

"Analysis Method"

Everything will have a different way of analysis, from a certain point of view to analyze the problems encountered difficulties, it may be necessary to convert the angle, it will make the problem easier.

For example, the analog signal of a sinusoidal signal is an infinite periodic signal, but it can be transformed into a circle by placing it in another plane, and it becomes much simpler to analyze with respect to the infinite signal.

A discrete signal in time domain analysis is an infinite signal, in the frequency domain will become a finite signal, complex frequency domain to consider the complex signal characteristics. The time domain is the relationship between the signal function f (t) and the time, and the function of frequency domain to analyze the signal.

"Transform Mode"

People always come up with different ways to solve the problem, especially in the field of mathematics, such as the sinusoidal signal can be expressed in the formula, can also be converted to graphic analysis, for different variables and there will be different plane fields.

There is a transformation rule between different transform domains, like the Fourier transform, which transforms the time domain into the frequency domain and the transformation formula:

Fourier transform plays an important role in data transmission and image processing, and has such a simple example: the meaning of Fourier transform



The signal transmission will have the noise interference, the function of the filter is to remove the noise from the useful signal. The design methods are: Impulse response is not reform, bilinear transformation method.

Design steps: 1. According to the design task, determine the performance requirements of the filter, determine the technical indicators

2. Using a causal stabilization system to approximate performance indicators

3. Using finite precision algorithm to realize the system

4. Implement the System: Software method, hardware method, DSP method.


It was difficult to imagine the use of complex mathematical formulas in real social applications, this time the learning content to understand some of the advanced mathematics in the application of signal processing, the real experience of a mathematical beauty.

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"Digital Signal Processing" Learning Summary

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