"Game" "Lord of the Rings ol" My Middle-earth trip (iv)

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I came to András and found that the robbers here have occupied a ruins as a stronghold, it is worth noting that a lot of Orcs are also entrenched here, the number is enough to threaten the Bret car, I reflected this situation to the guard's chief, András's sentry thought we need Ranger's help, But captain seems to have no trust in the ranger, alas, it seems not long days, the danger is in sight.

Picture: Beautiful András, but this place has been eroded by evil, the top of the Sentinel to live a scary day. I went to the Shire in Aragon, and it was true that the spirits had come here, and, sadly, they knew the whereabouts of Ephesus, and now there were Crows everywhere. Crows seem to go to the old woods, so I also stepped into this depressing place, yes, I do not like here. Towering tree block the sun, sleeping ancient trees let here hidden, my days, maybe I will go to the tomb to see, hope everything goes well.

Picture: The depression in the old Woods makes people breathless. I have 20 levels, originally I was a armor will, but the wife said she cut the wood we can not use, waste, so I washed into a weapon carpenter. Naturally, the weapon was forged to start from scratch, and I ran back to collect copper and tin, the tin mine that is not optimistic about the output is in a tangle ... After a few hours of painful struggle, he finally entered the apprenticeship.
The Lord of the Rings is really good at the skill of the craftsmen, and the things they make are practical. Besides, I went to the auction house to see what the animal was, because someone said it was actually a cow, and I thought it was a pig. It turns out that I'm right

Photo: The door of the auction house is really a copper boar.

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"Game" "Lord of the Rings ol" My Middle-earth trip (iv)

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