"Open source framework that thing 17": dialogue with Qu Yuan and the spirit of open source

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Bamboo and open Source: rooted to grow higher

The Dragon Boat Festival arrived, people are discussing the indomitable spirit of Qu Yuan, as well as the dragon Boat, Rice leaf and other world cultural heritage. The leaves are light, giving infinite reverie. Or, you can easily think of bamboo leaves with similar leaf shapes, as well as erect and erect bone-feeling bamboo. Bamboo in the breeze in the sound of howling, in the night Moon under the shadow of Shulang, all let the literati deeply moved. And bamboo in the wind and frost in the fierce green still character, let the poet cited as a fellow. Su Dongpo once in the "Yu Shi Monk Green Xuan" declared, "rather eat no meat, not live without bamboo." No meat is thin, no bamboo is vulgar. People can be thin and fat, and the vulgar cannot be cured. "The Banqiao once made" bamboo stone ", carefully taste, but also give people a lot of thinking.

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As an open source participant, we can actually associate a lot of bamboo-related allusions with bamboo-related spirits. Dragon Boat Festival before, the midday, I decided to travel through time and space, will be a will qu Yuan.

I. Dialogue with Qu Yuan
To this end, I go back to the river, through the majestic Yangtze River Xiling Gorge, looked up at the long Jiangbei Bank, there is an imposing architecture, half cover in the Orange forest and Cuibai, this is the world's attention to the Qu Yuan Temple.
Pick up the level, and came to Qu Yuan Temple, after a cult, I am ready to do a detail with Qu Yuan. "Doctor Qu, I do not want to continue to be a programmer, you can give me a reason to insist on it?" "I asked.
Qu Yuan replied: "You look around my ancestral temple, see those mountain ferns and bamboo?" Last year I sowed the seeds of mountain ferns and bamboo and gave them light and water. The Mountain ferns soon grew out of the ground, and the lush greenery covered the ground. However, bamboo does not grow. A year later, the mountain fern grew more dense. The seeds of bamboo still do not grow anything. 2 years later, the seeds of bamboo still did not sprout. By the 5th year, however, a tiny sprout had sprung up on the ground. Compared to the mountain fern, it is small to insignificant. But after only 6 months, the bamboo grows to 100 feet tall. Bamboo took 5 years to grow roots, and it was the root that gave it everything it needed to survive. ”
Qu Yuan smoothed his beard, and said slowly, "child, the struggle you have been doing this time is actually the time when you grow a root." Don't compare yourself to others. Now, your time is up. You will rise very high. "I left the xiangxi mouth of Qu Yuan's hometown and brought back the story.
Along the journey, I was repeatedly pondering, and Baidu understand the characteristics of bamboo. Originally, the original bamboo shoots, the first 4 years incredibly can only grow 3 centimeters, but to the 5th year but with a daily rate of 30 cm growth, only 6 weeks can grow to 15 meters. In this 4 years of painstaking research, bamboo is rooted, it has its roots in the soil extends hundreds of square meters. No such immersion, which has today green bamboo shade!

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Ii. Bamboo Spirit and Open source
Back to the open-source world of real life, carefully savor the words of the teacher, let a person feeling a lot. Do the product, the framework is also the case, do not worry about you at this moment of the pay is not return, because these pay is to take root. Life experience is not so, how many people, have not survived that 3 centimeters!
1. Bamboo's group spirit and open source
Speaking of the spirit of the group, the Prime Minister explained once in a very popular words: "A person cannot do a team, a team but a system, a system but a trend." Team + system + Trend = success. A person can walk quickly, a group of people will go farther! You can integrate others to show that you are capable, that you are integrated by others, that you are valuable. In this era, you can not integrate others, and no one to integrate you, that means you are far from success! "This revelation can also be seen in bamboo. Usually, people often see a bamboo forest, rather than a solitary bamboo. For a bamboo, it faces only death. This shows that the team members, only the group can survive and develop, otherwise, the team will only die.
When it comes to the group spirit of the Open source team, I also want to cite the story of a group of birds in the south. Whenever autumn comes, the sky in droves of South flying geese is worthy of our reference to the business model, a perfect team. Wild Geese are composed of a lot of common goals, in the organization, they have a clear division of labor, when the team to fly tired stop rest, they are responsible for foraging ﹑ care young or old green strong geese, there is responsible for the Geese group Safety Sentry, there is responsible for quiet rest ﹑ Adjust the strength of the lead goose. In the wild goose, when eating, patrolling the lookout for the Wild goose once found the enemy near, will be ringing a warning signal, the group of geese will be neatly rushed to the blue sky, lined up away. And the lookout for the geese, when others are eating their own not to eat and drink, is a team sacrifice spirit.
According to scientific research shows that the team fly than alone to increase the speed of 22%, in the flight of the two wings can form a relative vacuum state, flying Goose is no one to give it a vacuum, the long migration process is always someone to take the lead, which is also a sacrifice spirit. In the flight, the geese scream to each other to stimulate each other, through the common flapping wings to form the airflow, for the back of the teammates to provide the "upward wind", and the V formation can increase the range of 70% of the Geese group flight. If any of the geese in the wild goose is injured or ill and cannot continue to fly, there will be two spontaneous geese in the flock to guard the wounded or sick geese until they recover or die, and then join the new Wild Goose lineup and continue south to the destination.
Similarly, for a successful open-source team, a strong personal skill is one hand, but the team is far more powerful than the simple addition of a group of people. The project team consists of project management, requirements analysis, software design, coding, testing, implementation and other aspects of the professional, each member in their own professional field play a leading role, and can be the success of the project in the non-own field of advice. The results of the final project are the result of the concerted efforts of all professionals, who assume equal responsibility for the ultimate success. In this way, when the system deployment, the system has a serious flaw, ask who should be responsible? Project manager? Test? Development? ...... is not, but the project team all have to be responsible!

    2. Bamboo's autonomic growth Spirit
    when Banqiao said, "Convinced that Aoyama do not relax, the root of the original in the Broken rock." Thousand grinding million hit still strong, any east wind. It is also said that bamboo indomitable, self-study, willful growth of the spirit.
    in the common Open Source project group, inevitably some of the members are novice, experience and level is insufficient, some jobs may not be competent for a while. Under the pressure of project schedule, some tasks will be arranged directly to him, do not let him put his ideas and opinions. Many members also like to work in the form of "accepting tasks" rather than taking the initiative to meet the challenges. So sometimes, you may meet some members who will tell you that "the work is done today!" "I did what I asked for, and I'm not wrong!" "That sort of thing."
    just like the bamboo "thousand grinding million hit still hard" spirit, each project members have the opportunity to take the initiative, should believe that they are experts in the field, in my professional scope, I can decide! As long as the project to meet the large framework, as long as the starting point is for the success of the project, then this code should be how to write, how this function point should be tested and other decisions, can let members of the decision-making! Project members may not have the courage to make decisions on a whim, may worry about making mistakes, it's okay to encourage him a lot! The tiny team is like this, and each of our team members ' self-spirit runs through the daily work always. Tinyframework's conception is enterprise-level development platform, so in the methodology, design concept, development system, design principles, ecosystem, modularity, thermal deployment, horizontal expansion, metadata and other non-functional requirements of a large number of independent exploration and independent practice, Of course, there are perfect or good solutions in these areas.

3. "Rooted" and open source
I don't know if you notice. In the process of growing up, bamboo is always a section of the growth. As the bamboo grows, it is followed by a hoop, which is regenerated for a long period, followed by a hoop. This shows that bamboo will be summed up and reflect on. Therefore, to the team members, but also to learn to summarize and reflect, in order to continue to grow and develop. Speaking of which, I want to talk about a grounded theory. As a constructive theory in the qualitative research, the rooted theory is put forward by the discovery of rooted theory published by Strauss (Anselm Strauss) and Barney Glaser two social scholars in 1967. The theory of taking root is to use inductive method to analyze the phenomenon and finish the result. The open source team, in particular, needs to learn the roots of bamboo.

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    In the growth of open source products, we also have to play this kind of rooted spirit, and constantly summarize and improve. Generally speaking, an open source product, from the beginning, to the development, to the end can have income, can revenue balance, this is a long and difficult process. According to the General People's point of view, cattle people always like to work with cows, this sentence is reasonable, but to form an all-elite team, for most open-source products can only be a dream. The general team, recruit team to the people, the elite is only individual, that is, the so-called backbone, and most of them are skilled workers, novices and even novice. Teams are made up of people of all levels, which is what is called a team echelon configuration.
    Why does the team need echelon configuration? The reason is actually very simple, your team is responsible for the work, not all by the elite backbone to complete. The personal ability is outstanding, the person who does not fit the team may bring the negative influence to your team. Tang Apprentice West, if everyone is the Monkey King, not their own fighting dead, is eaten by monsters! From the point of view of research and development coding, we need more people with strong roots and expertise to participate in the success of the team. For example, in the tiny framework open-source team, there is a mantra, mouth does not count. So whether it is a demand or a bug, all should be recorded in the issues, so asked questions, comments, problem solving, tracking issues, close the problem, all in the issues management. Of course, all the process will become a court of evidence, deny not.
    Bamboo carefully cultivated, can extend hundreds of square meters, is to rely on this constantly "hoop" of "rooted" spirit. Join the Open Source team, do open source products, will withstand the dull, withstand the wind and rain, the root of open source to retain! Software research and development activities are complex human advanced intellectual activities, is the need for team work activities. If you understand this, everyone in the research and development team will be a respected, flesh-and-blood, passionate and combat-worthy expert! Only in this way can we develop open source products that produce high quality quality. Tiny architecture designers initially committed to a more balanced development platform, so from a variety of small thematic verification began to "take root", such as: Process programming, modular design, database differentiation table and so on one by one to verify, when the scope of the verification is growing, covering more and more areas, To really start making an open source framework. This is actually a "bamboo-lined" pioneering process.

4. The humble spirit of bamboo
Bamboo in the barren hills in silent growth, whether it is the peak of the Ridge Ridge, or ditch a whole, it can be tenacious perseverance in the adversity to survive. Despite the boundless loneliness and desolation throughout the year, weathered by the wind and snow rain of the beatings and torture, but she always "convinced that Aoyama", dedicated, no regrets. This kind of meekness spirit, let the person admire.
It is noted that all bamboo is hollow and can tolerate others, and is able to learn as well as other team members. Taking the tiny framework as an example, in the early tiny framework, the entire team was still obscure, because the tiny team did not want to take it out when the framework was still a semi-finished product, until tiny had been developed and fully validated in its own projects before actually appearing in the community or related sites. Developers are help each other and ask for advice, and a question is submitted to the community (http://bbs.tinygroup.org"Asked to answer" column, often there will be many companions help each other, the problem can be solved in the shortest possible time. Since the tiny framework is based on the need for stable, security-demanding applications, its stability is a top priority for the framework builders, with only a third-party package that is fully validated and widely used.

Bamboo is a model of learning. Bamboo upright Junyi, a man should have this kind of graceful and open-minded gentleman's opening-up style; the bamboo hollow outward straight, the person should cultivate this kind of open source character that humbly and self-sustaining; the bamboo bends without folding, should study this kind of virile's open source wisdom. Open source is a difficult choice, it takes a long time to stick to, need a non-urgent and not dry attitude. Teamwork, teamwork and so on, to achieve cooperation and tacit understanding of the need for constant communication, running-in and deep trust. Only in this way, we can witness how good products are step by step to maturity, in order to grow in an open source atmosphere!  

Welcome to the Open source technology community: http://bbs.tinygroup.org . The Code and framework information in this example will be shared in the community. "Self-write framework" member QQ Group: 228977971, let us work together to understand the mystery of the open source framework!

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"Open source framework that thing 17": dialogue with Qu Yuan and the spirit of open source

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