"Open source framework that thing 19": Tesla built "piles" and the vitality of open source

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In the U.S. Silicon Valley, in China's Zhongguancun, many technical pioneers with dreams, with passion relentlessly pursue their goals and huge personal wealth. Open source, is becoming one of the hottest nouns of our time now. The spirit of open source, as a driving force for cooperative collaboration, is developing into a more competitive product development model.

We can start with a few typical stories.

One, Tesla built "piles"

in 5 months, Apple and Samsung's patent infringement decision, Samsung to Apple compensation about 1.2 billion, giant companies once again to show the world "patent" the weight of the word can be heavier than Tarzan. However, after a lapse of one months, Tesla electric vehicles announced the opening of all its patents, as if to tell people, in fact, the "patent" two words can be feather.

1. Electric vehicle Patent Open source

Whether or not musk the move is intentional or unintentional taunt Apple Samsung, when people look at these giant companies, Tesla in the tolerance has been far superior. Open source Tesla vigorously promoted the development of the open source movement, the spirit of open source worthy of the big companies to learn from, more free, excellent open source projects will be born, on behalf of the equal, open Internet spirit will also be spread.

Think again, Tesla Open source, will help more manufacturers to produce their own electric vehicles more quickly, increase the production of electric vehicles to pull down the average price of electric vehicles, thereby reducing the production of conventional fuel consumption vehicles, reduce carbon hydride emissions, and ultimately achieve environmentally friendly sustainable development. It can be said that this is a small step in the field of electric vehicle production, but also a major step forward in human social spirit.

The most surprising thing about Tesla's patent opening is not the openness, but the opening of the core patent, which is unprecedented. Musk's announcement clearly points out that the negligible current market share of electric cars is not enough to make the industry's competition more intense, and the traditional cars that are a lot bigger than the electric car market are the real rivals of the electric car makers. Open technology will enable the entire electric vehicle industry to develop together, and companies including Tesla will benefit from a common technology platform.

2. the product ecosystem behind open source

Tesla's difficulties with the layout of the charging piles are undoubtedly one of the most serious challenges for Tesla. Sun Tzu's Art of War, "do not fight and bend the soldiers, good people also." Musk keenly aware of the obstacles to the development of the electric vehicle industry is the size of the scale, weigh the pros and cons of using the strategy to abandon the use of such a patented heavy assault weapons to advance the industry's extraordinary development. The car is iron, electricity is steel, the number of charging piles determines the use of electric vehicles, which fundamentally affect the number of users willing to buy electric vehicles.

visible, the opening of charging technology can strongly stimulate the standardization of charging pile products, Universal charging piles can be used to integrate the power of charging equipment from the electric vehicle industry into resources shared by all users. How many charging piles are there to decide how many Tesla. If Tesla built his own pile, perhaps 1,000 years to build a car gas station, the size of the land, but how long can Tesla exist? Open technology allows companies all over the world to join, and a unified standard charging station may soon blossom. When you find a string of charging piles on the Sichuan-Tibet highway, do you still not buy it when you face an electric car that has a better performance than half the price now? There is reason to say that Musk is used as an Android idea to do the ecology of electric vehicles.

Open source is becoming a trend in high quality and innovative products. Tesla strong self-confidence, based on its strong technical and financial foundation, it was established in 2003 years, and for many years, open source is its strategy to promote ecological construction. As Tesla mastered the brand and reputation of the electric car, its core marketing model did not replicate with technology, which meant that Tesla would still be the top-tier leader in the entire new energy vehicle sector.

Second, software open source and cloud computing

1.Mozilla of Open source products

Mozilla is also an alternative to open source innovation. More than 500 million people worldwide use Mozilla 's products, from the United States to China, from Germany to Korea,Mozilla -produced Firefox browser (Firefox) is the preferred product for many countries users. But Mozilla does not have the support of venture capital or stock options, nor shares that are publicly traded. Mozilla will almost never apply for a patent for a technology breakthrough. Instead, it's a business model that is open and extensible like the World Wide Web, and everything is free and accessible through public domain names.

By using open source software code to design Firefox,MozillaMake it easier for everyone to improve the products that are used all over the world. From severalTenIndependent developers in countries to design additional plugins with a variety of features to increase download speed, block annoying ads, or implement other useful services.MozillaA wide range of developers are constantly addressing the various issues encountered. Sparkman(Erik Spiekermann)A famous designer who lives in Berlin,FirefoxMobile phones are designed with a distinctive font that allows for a friendly, simple style at lower resolutions. The keyboard's wave function was completed by an engineer who was born in Spain and currently lives in Amsterdam. A -The multi-year-old Canadian designer has designed more than -Kind of exclusiveFirefoxexpression that meets the needs of heavy messaging users. InMozillaIn the ideal world, companies will design based onWebThe mobile website, inFirefoxThe effect of running on the phone andIOS, the Android app runs on its own device.

Firefox is also a successful browser: Complete the most advanced software development with minimal budget costs.

2. Open source and cloud computing

Today's open source power has penetrated into every aspect. For example, cloud computing is in full swing, and in the process of building a cloud computing platform, open source technology plays an irreplaceable role. In a way, the spirit of cloud computing is open source. In cloud computing,OpenStack is almost a standard configuration in this area, and at the same time,Hadoop makes big data more robust on big data.

Looking back at the smartphone world,AndroidThe platform's smartphones have accounted for more than 80% of the market share, and open source projects are growing at an unprecedented rate.(Years2Month -Day, According toIDCPublished by theThe annual smartphone shipment data shows the use ofAndroidAndIOSThe operating system's smartphone shipments accounted for the total number of smart-machine shipments96.3%。 whichAndroidShipments are10.59Billion, the growth of the year32%;AndroidMarket share is81.5%, the same period last year was78.7%。)

In the operating system, the desktop market,Windows still dominate, but in the enterprise market,Linux still maintain a good growth rate, whether it is a server or high-performance computing,Linux is more mature , as an open-source platform,Linux has many distributions, andSuSE is one of the most commercially available products in several Linux distributions,SuSE In most people's impression is stable and reliable pronoun, also has a certain market share.

Open source is becoming a mainstream activity, and more and more developers want to participate in open source projects. Open source, is becoming a new trend.

Third, choose Open Source products, contribute your intelligence

Choose and participate in open source products, you can let you know the heart of Thanksgiving, achievement of the United States, understand the joy of participation, feedback. This in the process, your skill, often will also greatly increase. It is not only technical progress, but also the ability to read and write documents. There are community open source projects, the source code will live up, every little piece of the codes, can tell a story. This actually shows a better way to open source: With a good idea, share it, the initial code to show the basic ideas, and then through the team's participation, continue to evolve, so that everyone become a developer!

by participating in understanding and improving open source projects, you can quickly improve your technology and make yourself a better programmer. Because most open source teams bring together top-notch developers, you can quickly improve your team's collaboration by working with members of the open source community. Although the code is important, in the open source project, the source code is only one of the important factors. In addition to the code, there are documents, test cases,

Tiny Framework, although positioning is the enterprise application Development framework, but also hope that through open source to promote the formation of an ecological circle. In a short year of open source China, it has become one of the influential homegrown open source frameworks in open source China. Tiny Framework of the number of participants, design ideas, project size, problem areas to solve, community maturity, documentation, the development of the domestic open source sector is quite leading. But in any case, you can get more recognition and use only if it really becomes a platform that many people use.

Tiny Framework will adhere to the path of open source, and strive to become a living life of open source development framework.

Welcome to the Open source technology community: http://bbs.tinygroup.org. The Code and framework information in this example will be shared in the community. "Self-write framework" member QQ Group: 228977971, let us work together to understand the mystery of the open source framework!

Open Source Interview Record

Welcome to the Open source technology community: http://bbs.tinygroup.org. The Code and framework information in this example will be shared in the community. "Self-write framework" member QQ Group: 228977971, let us work together to understand the mystery of the open source framework!

Open Source Interview Record

Open source framework that thing 19: Tesla built "piles" and the vitality of open source

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