"Wireshark" Wireshark principle analysis and two development series

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1. Copyright Notice

This series of articles is I spent a lot of effort written, Wireshark is open source software, I am also willing to share technical knowledge and experience, is to appreciate and promote the spirit of open source, so anyone who see this article can be reproduced at will , but only a request:

In the case of large paragraphs or even full-text references to this series of articles, it is necessary to retain My Network name (Zhaozi) and all or part of this blog address (HTTP://WWW.CNBLOGS.COM/ZZQCN).

2. Introduction

Wireshark is an excellent open source protocol analysis software, for many years, Countless developers around the world have written thousands of kinds of parsing plugins for Wireshark (more than 1500 versions of 1.12.6), plus powerful, easy-to-use analytics that make them one of the tools necessary for protocol analysis.

However, there is no tool that can fully meet the needs of all users, as powerful as Wireshark. Especially for professional protocol analysis, security personnel, in the actual work, often need to analyze some of the private protocol of the message, or the official Wireshark does not provide some features, and some developers, you need to wireshark the message parsing function into their own application scenario ... All of this requires us to develop two times on the basis of understanding how the Wireshark works.

The two major features of Wireshark make it easier to develop two times:

    • The code is open source.
    • Provides a plug-in mechanism (C/lua)

This series of articles is intended to show how to develop Wireshark two times.

3. Main content and agreement

To develop the Wireshark two times, you must first understand the basic workings of wireshark and the plug-in interfaces it provides (Lua, C). This series first introduces the basic principles of Wireshark, then introduces the LUA plug-in and C-Plug-ins, and finally describes how to modify the Wireshark to add custom functionality.

For general developers, learn how to write Wireshark plug-ins, which is often a need to write a new protocol parser, to complete some kind of data statistics, and for some people who want to join the custom function, you have to modify the Wireshark main code.

All of the articles in this series that involve code development are presented with examples and running results, and are validated on both Windows and MACOSX, but examples are just examples, may be simpler, and the code format is less prescriptive. In addition to the principle of the description, I am also in the process of learning, some principles described may be a little bit, even some small errors, is inevitable.

4. Article index


"Wireshark" Wireshark principle analysis and two development series

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