"Data" WOD drop in the city

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• Bandits in the forest
Third floor
The Woodman's belt.
Blue Felt hat
Bread knife (must drop)

• Journey to Muerlebach
First floor
The Cloak of evil bandits
Evil Bandit Dagger
Second floor
Ground Fine Shield
Third floor
A bottle of beer (Must fall
Big beer mug (must drop

• The Noisy bar
First floor
Baton (Legendary level 10
The hotel owner's apron
Dark Magic Outline
Second floor
Moldy cheese.
Gustav Cut Meat Knife
Gustav's frying pan.
Third floor
Goblin Arrow

• First Job
First floor
Dark Magic Outline
Fourth floor
Herbertus's tonic (carrying a small leather bag of tinkling coins
Fifth Floor
Song of victory
Sixth floor
Banquet Fork

• Warehouses at the port
First floor
Mouse tail
Second floor
Fourth floor
Brass Paperweight
Fifth Floor
Honesty Medal (torch carrying + 7 + team)
Sixth floor
Ordinary wooden pipe

• Country Walks
Third floor
The fragments of resentment
Fourth floor
Sniper Silver Ring
Fifth Floor
Tanara's turban.
Tanara's Guide to Novice Heroes

• Goblin Cave under the bar
First floor
A handful of spicy pepper powder
Second floor
Goblin Arrow

• Fuss
Fourth floor
Rolling pin
The apron of Marianne
Fifth Floor
A bottle of Gustav distilled wine (which must fall
Triangle Cap

• Treasure Map
Second floor
A small piece of Earth
Fourth floor
Mouse tail
Fifth Floor
Old foil
Rat Man Slingshot
Sixth floor
A note written with a dwarf rune (Must fall

• Herbal Shop
Fifth Floor
Mushroom (small bowl)
Thin leaves (small pots)
Acupuncture grass (small pots)
Magical Poison (small pots)
More than six people, legendary level 30 open ↓
A light, sharp thorn vine.

• Crow's Field
Second floor
Scarecrow Hat
Fourth floor
Herbertus's tonic (carrying a small leather bag
Fifth Floor
A feathered crossbow.
The Arrow with Feathers
Elf Sanctuary Glove

• Reptile invasion
Fourth floor
Herbal Dagger
Corroded Hammer

• Rogue trade unions
Second floor
Curved Wire
Fourth floor
Clown Cloak
Red eye scarf
A common wooden pipe
Fifth floor (carry the message from Morrelly ya
A small package of gems
Morrelly's Little Bag

• Static Depth Flow
Third floor
Water Lizard Scales
Fourth floor
Water lizard Teeth
The soul of a fox
Possession of two duel hands _ the good sense of the gun, Jacob's boots

• The tomb of the King of Morris
First floor
Crumpled note.
Third floor
The Lich's hand
Bone-Made Spear
Fourth floor
Fine pearl ring set with amethyst fragments
Fine pearl crown inlaid with amethyst fragments
Fine pearl jewelry belt with amethyst shards
Fine pearl earrings set with amethyst fragments
Pearl armband with fine amethyst fragments
Pearl necklace with fine amethyst fragments

• The eerie Woods
Third floor
Giant Mosquito Fangs
Common Oak Poles
Fourth floor
Orc Shaman Amulet.
Hunter's Hat
A thick cloak
The mysterious skin of a possum
Fifth floor (with crumpled note, more than 6 people, 0:00 start 10 hours after the end, Full moon day)
The Ring of the rings (Must fall

• Ancient Demons
Second floor
White Boar Skin
Third floor
Blood Hound Belt
Fourth floor
Ugasso's Diary
Ugasso's Pebbles
Dark green Shadow

• Critical Zushua
Second floor
Herbertus's tonic (carrying a small leather bag with a tinkling coin
Third floor
Wild Boar Skin
Boar Beard
Fourth floor
Grizzly Bear Fur
Fifth Floor
According to the saxophone of Elsa Bell
Hunter's Hat
Pig Knife
Zushua's Ball.

• Crence's Orc cave
Second floor
Protective Talisman for Orcs
Third floor
Orc Shaman Amulet.
Modified Fencer's Saber
Good Obsidian Earrings
Fourth floor
Orc net.
Wild Boar Skin
Steel Wrist Guard
Animal Shaman Full waist cloth
Viper Magic Belt
The mysterious skin of a possum
Crence's Orc heavy shield

• Ghosts inside the Arsenal
Third floor
General weapon protection Oil (more than six people, legendary level total 100
Fourth floor
Wooden game with two-handed swords
Fifth Floor
A bag of magical powder
Small Music Box
The message from Morrelly ya
Declining hourglass

• Zerry Hill's Combat Academy
First floor
Zerry Hill's Combat Academy instruction manual (Must fall
The dust-laden codex
Golem Fragment
Second floor
The dust-laden codex
Third floor
Red Crystal fragments (legendary level 120, or the team that carries Dusty codex will not get
Blue Crystal fragments (legendary level 120, or the team that carries Dusty codex will not get
The dust-laden codex
Fourth floor
Bartos Tears (Legendary level 120+ Dusty Codex
Bartos Medal (legendary level 120+ Dusty Codex
Black Dessert box Legendary level 120+ Dusty Codex +8:30 (within one hour)
Please note that the 120-level legendary limited time hidden, March 30-October 26, Continental 14:30-15:30 excitation
The rest of the day for 15:30-16:30 excitation
Sixth floor
Green Rag Piece
The dust-laden codex
Seventh floor
Graduation Medal of Zerry Hill Combat Academy (Must fall
The dust-laden codex

• Rings
First floor
Bear fur with soft ear mask
Third floor
Kahala Grasshopper string (Must Fall
Fifth Floor
Red ORC helmet.
A dead mole hanging by a belt.

• Bones of ancestors
Third floor
Three-legged milking mat
The seal ring of the Chabanf family
Apprentice Ritual Robe
Magic Bone Ring
The Ring of the Dark cult

• The Bazaar of Fort Raven
The bazaar is open only from Friday to Sunday.
First floor
Championship medal
Second floor
Thabo-Thabo Wizard puppet
Third floor
A bucket of confetti
Fourth floor
Faux pearl earrings
Fake Vampire teeth
False warts
Fencer Head Cover
Strange Sound Paper
Common quartz nail Head hammer
Jokes set
Prom Masks
Phantom costume
Black Witch Cloak
The big pot of witches
Witch's Little Boots
Old Witch Broom handle
Great Lollipop.
Pumpkin Juice
Pumpkin Soup
Pumpkin lamp
Cherry Juice
Sunflower Preserves
Brown-Green oat flakes

• Hunting Wolf Groups
First floor
Wolf Skin
Second floor
Illo/Morning dew Short Bow
Third floor
Fain Light Shield
Cave Wolf's Skin
Wolf Man Skin
Wolf Man fur coat

• Mages and Monsters
Second floor
Herbertus's tonic (carrying a leather parcel = =
Third floor
Green leather-Wrapped Crossbow
Sixth floor
General Leather Patten
Seventh game
Yeni Ari and the book of the spotted
Harron's Flame Reel
Dark red Robe
Flame Emblem
Flame Satin Shard
Black Mage Harron's Flame Amulet
An ancient scroll with the words of strength

• Harp
Fourth floor
Goblin King's Riding Boots
Goblin Elite's Stick
Flat flute
Blood silk scarf
Elf Archer's Ring
Fifth Floor
Elf Bard's note (Carry (glasses, coarse frame glasses, reading glasses, single-piece glasses, Phnom Penh single-piece mirror) one of them)

• Sacrificial Offerings
Third floor
Black Bear Boots
Fifth Floor
"Our Deeds of Valor"
Ordinary glitter bone stick
Sixth floor
Illo and Morning Dew's short bow
Shadow Amulet
Krenus's Cloak of shadow

• Ancient towers in the mountains
Second floor
Pine (People 4 or more, December 3 0:00-three weeks to end)
Fourth floor
The light of the secondary restoration amulet
Fifth Floor
Small helper
Small Silver Dollar Treasure
Stone Demon Nose Ring
Xun Long Boots

• Shadow of Dresonia
Fourth floor
The Hand of Nicholas
The Shadow of Dancing
Fifth Floor
The sacred short bow of illo and morning Dew
The song of Dresonia's Downfall
Sacred Mini Altar

• Awakening
Third floor
The feathers of a hawk.
Fourth floor
Ancient blade fragments
The faded old ring
Weird Purple little crystal (Must drop

• Troll Puzzles
Fourth floor (Team size: 6 or more, bring large bags of food, 9:00-six hours to enter
Troll Cooking pot
A piece of bone
Fourth floor
Troll Cooking pot
Troll sticks
Troll's branches
Troll's toothpick.
Sheep Skin Cape
Large Cooking pot

• Hunting tours for swamp cubs
First floor
The bronze forehead of the mountain crystal
Rock crown
The box of infinite creativity
Eternal Restoration Ring
The poison teeth of the swamp young Dragon
The horns of a swamp cub
Swamp Baby Dragon Leather Vest
Poisonous claws.
Precision Light rod cast stone cable
Observation Chain Armor Amount

• Tabotabo's Necromancer
First floor
Second floor
A bag of bone arrows
Fifth Floor
Unclean skull.
Sword Dancer Puppet
Strange gold-smelting skeleton
Tabotabo's robe.
The Amulet of Tabotabo
Royal-seat necklace

• A hard journey or a 13th warrior
First floor
Paper Loudspeakers
Second floor
One crucible concentrated sweet root
Fourth floor
A sack of Kaharad locust kebab
Iron Pan
Fifth Floor
Illo/Morning dew long bow
The Ring of Mercy
TAIGAF's Lucky Dagger
Supernatural leader

• Tomb thieves
Seventh floor
Undead Apprentice Gloves
Small Magic Stove
Pierced Bone ring
Magician's Apron
Magic Broom
Black peaked cap
Black turtleneck cape

• The Witch of the Swiss-Russian
Fourth floor
Witch Broom
Black Witch Cloak
A love letter to the Necromancer Tabotabo
The Stone of Life
Pirate Turban
Ohm's ring

• Black Stone
Second floor
Guardian Cloak
Sixth floor
Elder brother's Amulet
Igo's Heavy Mace
The Janitor's leather tunic
Herbertus's ring.
Seventh floor
(Carrying a topographic map, one of the Unknown order scrolls opens.) Note that these items will disappear after they are carried in. )
Small treasure Chest + each hero gets 500 gold coins

• Manufacturing plants in unmanned valleys
First floor
Koebert Amulet
Second floor
Old Mail Horn
Third floor
A complete treatment guide for Mephisto
Mephisto's permanent treatment vial
Fourth floor
The Stone of energy
Albrecht's Cloak

• Dancing Puppet Club
Third floor
Color Juggling Ball
Mirror Blade
Dancing Puppets
Gladiator Boxing
Fourth floor
The fate bracelet of the Lena
The cloak of the fate of Lena

• The Cursed Ruins
First floor
Mouse Leg Bone
Third floor
The Whisper of the Phantom
Fourth floor
Light ash bow of illo and morning Dew
Fifth Floor
Duel Gloves
The Tooth of a vampire
A silk bag with vampire ashes.
Eagle Crest
Dark-Green folding fan

• Old mine
First floor
Wolf's Tooth necklace
Third floor
Dexterous light orc Bow
Guo Ka's Crazy axe
Guo Ka's Iron Shield
Guo Ka's boots.
Gilt-fragrant earrings
Medak Pocket's Eye of observation
A magic weapon of sinister essence

• Leisure trip to the zoo
First floor
Cave Wolf's Skin
Wolf Skin
Second floor
Live Fern Net
Third floor
Live Fern Net
Fourth floor
The Blade of Shatan
Summer language
Grey Moon feldspar
Changxia Thrust Reel
Lonck's claw glove.
Gold-Lined Notes
Grandpa's Three Secrets

• A quiet day in the pub ...
First floor
A set of small wooden cups
Late winter
The net of the slave dealers
Slave Hunter
Cracked yellow gem (by Black stone + legendary level)
Second floor
Vampire cloak
Petrochemical drops
Third floor
"Ogre and other giants."
The night watchman's heraldic emblem
Grizzly Bear Fur
Fourth floor
A piece of leopard skin
Sixth floor (Sunday + Morrelly's small bag
Rose-Coloured glasses +50 honors +500 coins +1000 Experience

• Hide and Seek
Second floor
Bassery's Small Outdoor guide
Fourth floor
Two-edged sword of sun and moon
Fifth Floor
Safety Boots
Trick Cloak
Invisible Cloak
Rogue Master's Pry lock tool
Rogue Heraldic Seal
Thief King's Lucky charm
Red Clown Nose
Brown dust.
Herwock's Flame Mask
Ajannix's Vitality Bracelet

• The Secrets of Semaksh
Second floor
The branches cut from the parent stock
Third floor
The Torch of believers
Nisla's full waist cloth
Fourth floor
Fragments of the temple walls
Yellow Map of Semaksh
Fifth Floor
Scylla's storage cloak
Scylla's blood eye.
Scylla's fur gloves
Gemstone Necklace
The skin of Hyenas
Python statue of a statue
Siclas's dagger.
Sixth floor (Carry Torch + shovel)
Ziruma Medal

• The circus's missing child
Fourth floor
The fur of a mutant shaman
Shaman's Bone-making amulet
Fifth Floor
Frost Crest
Parry Dagger
Lion Tamer Gloves
Embroidered gold thread of the scholar's cloak
Sixth floor
Don't stick your needle.
Deception Ring
Clown Hat
Clown's Sweater Pants
Clown Boots
Dark Clown Cloak
Dark Clown Mask
A paper fan with a clown mask on it.
Seventh floor
Jokes set
Ivory Bone Pocket
Eighth floor (Legendary level)
"Joy" the Circus emblem
Red gemstone with a crack

• A survey of cursed farms
Second floor
A small package of gems
Small Diamond
Giant Diamonds
Legles's Heart
Third floor
Carry a shovel (must drop)
Young Doctor Belt
White Apprentice Belt
Red Spell Belt
Apprentice Monk Belt
Dog-headed Doll
Dog-headed Hammer
Seventh floor
X-Ray Stethoscope
Elemental Rings
Sword Crest Seal
Small Anvil
Horn of Unicorn
Asbestos robes
Powder-trimmed wig

• Tears of Ackbess
First floor
Decorate the temples slippers
Second floor
The endless water bottle of the temple of Aru Ida
Fifth Floor
Carlos ' War Scepter
Sixth floor
Flag of the Holy war
The little statue of Sainte-Sayemar
Eora's Blessing
Ackbess's Embrace
The white cloak of the Knights of Ackbess '
Trial of the Spear
Seventh floor
Ring of Frozen lava
Code for the survival of a man in the bust
The Blade of the wind sings the card
Tears of Ackbess

• Night of revenge
Second floor
Fourth floor
Prairie Eagle Man's Paw
Fifth Floor
Feather headdress
Wild Boar Skin
Sixth floor
Cleaning wet Cloth
Kerom's helmet.
Kerom's eternal sharp axe
Little Dogu
Shurukan's Flame Amulet
A dazzling talisman of enchantment
Black Hand Heraldic Seal
Seventh floor
Tolaf Donnach's legacy
Fragments of the Reindeer horn

• The Shotgun factory conspiracy
First floor
Part of the Tree dragon
Tree Dragon Scales
Second floor
Reinforced monthly feldspar spraying lead gun
Shi Hand _ Gun with modified sight lens
Third floor
Executive Officer de Nobu's Gold watch
Seventh floor
An unclean amulet.
Pedrock's Magic Crown
Knobloch's heraldic emblem
Rat Puppet with Gun
Chess plate
Lightweight gloves.

• Manor
Second floor
Support Rings
Third floor
A small herb
Fourth floor
Fire scarf
Fifth Floor
Yong Frozen crystal ball
Ring of Frost
Fishing nets
Fishing Spear
Sixth floor
Noble Parry Dagger
Red and black Vampire cloak
Seventh floor
Adam's Letter
Golden Silk Gemstone Belt
PHNOM Penh single-piece mirror
Dual Focus Lens
Mystery Embroidered Glove
White Dragon Crest

• Holiday in the mountains
First floor
Cracked green Gem (legendary level)
Snow Wolf Skin
Second floor
December 3 (lasts three weeks)
Pine-leaf tobacco containing cinnamon
Wine Heart Candy
Christmas gifts
Christmas cookies
Third floor
Herbertus's Tonic (date: Su Th + leather parcel with jingle coins)
Fourth floor
Thin ice
Fifth Floor
Snowman Hair
Snowman Sledge Hammer
Frost giant Teeth

When you carry a snowman's hair, you must drop it.
Ice fog
Frost giant Teeth
A prayer ring engraved with the bible of the Mulberry scriptures
Snow Fox cloak embroidered with Red Cross
The crown of the red eye
Snowman Sledge Hammer
Snowy Bear's heavy boots
Goggles for Snow
Snow tooth bracelet
Snow Wolf Claws
Snow Wolf King's Blood Stone

Seventh game
Uncle Tiberian a jar of rattan troll must
Uncle Tiberian's Sweet root jar
Red petals (small pots)
Yellow-grey Herbal cloak
Reindeer Hair
Ranger Belt
The savage is wrapped around a waist cloth.
Glitter Stone Necklace
Snowman Hunter Heinda's Crossbow
Heinda's cloak
The eighth layer carries the snowman hair, eats a meal, the booze reaches 12 levels, the Snow Wolf King
Must drop
The fruit of the July Yushu
July Yushu of Fruit stone
Ice-edged Flower whip
Ice Crystal War flute
The icy sound of Hinata
Minya's Life Cries
Morlock upside-down block rods
Sigro's Sacred Wand of expulsion
Noel's portable Fu Wenji bomb maker
Snow Lion 魈 's Beauty
Snowflake Wine Bowl
魑魅魍魉 Snow Lion 魈 Scroll
July Wind Torch made of jade branches

• Heroes ' graves
First floor
Heavy Knife
Second floor
The heart of a rocky dwarf
Third floor (carrying the totem of Alex)
The blade of a bone dancer
The Sword of Anselm
Alex's Ashes.
Fifth Floor
Storm Banner
White Lime Wood Crossbow
Successor Heraldic Seal
Alex's Sacred Spear.
Alex's Chain armor Amount
The Totem of Alex (Must fall

"Data" WOD drop in the city

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