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"Xoops World Newsletter" phase 6th

Through the sixth issue of the Xoops World newsletter, Xoops News team will introduce you to their work to give you a complete understanding of Xoops's recent development.

Main contents of this issue:
Core development
Local News
The star of the month
International support


It has been a long time since the last newsletter was released, and during this period Xoops has had many new developments, which we have summarized as follows.

First of all, I'd like to tell you that Xoops.org's management style has been organized and will have a significant impact on the future direction of Xoops.
You may have noticed that the Xoops community has recently had a lot of discussions about how to manage Xoops.
Earlier this year, the Xoops Foundation was formally established to better promote, support, and promote the application, development and community support of Xoops.
The foundation is an open, transparent formal representative organization that relies on the support and xoops of all our xoopser to maximize benefits.

A new organizational model
The Xoops Foundation's organizational model draws on another very healthy and active Open-source development project, the Apache Software Fund.
Xoops Fund is like an umbrella, all other projects can be managed effectively under this mode.
In order to make it more manageable and transparent, the management of the Fund will be project-oriented. Anyone can launch a new project.
The requirements for new projects are simple: first, to contribute value to the xoops, its secondary openness and clear goals and development plans, and the willingness to communicate with the community.
The fund management team will evaluate and review the project application and provide the required development environment (including server space, funding, etc.) for the eligible projects, and accept as "XOOPS." ORG Official project ".
Each project or team needs to develop its lead and will be a member of the Xoops management team.
The Xoops management team is responsible for the general management of internal projects and xoops.org.
The Fund management team is responsible for the overall development plan and management strategy.
Several management teams have been set up and started collaborating:

QA-Quality Management team
The QA team's main task is to provide quality measurement of the module and provide feedback to the module developers. If you would like more information or assistance, please contact QA team Leader dave_l.

Promotion and Communication Team
Responsible for the development of external promotion and communication strategy program, so that more people understand xoops. Director Wtravel

Internal relations Management Team
Be responsible to communicate with regional support team representatives and ensure the xoops terminus and the support station contact. Director Jdseymour

Wox-xoops News Team
Responsible for Xoops community news writing, including coverage of local community news. Director M0nty

Document Team
In the past year, they have dedicated a lot of xoops documents under the leadership of Carnuke, they still need your participation!

Development team
XOOPS 2.x core development team led by Mithrandir, XOOPS4 Development Project is responsible for SKALPA.

Xoops Need your help!
We want you to be able to help any of the above teams, or new projects, as well as forum support, style Library management, URL links, and FAQs.
Please contact the team leader or Herko or Mithrandir.

XOOPS Development
Mithrandir is currently engaged in the development of a new version of XOOPS (XOOPS 2.2).
You may wonder why you skip XOOPS2.1 and develop directly, because the Linux version number is developed with an odd representation of the beta version, and the stable version is expressed in even numbers.
So Xoops 2.2 will be the next stable version and Xoops 2.1 is only a transition development version. All future Xoops version numbers will comply with this principle.
XOOPS 2.2 is expected to be released on June 30.
Starting with Xoops 2.1, the official release package will not contain any modules other than the system modules (systems, profiles, PM), and some of the core functions will be further modularized, including scalable user data management (profile) and enhanced message Management (PM).
Block management and backend interfaces are more powerful and flexible in 2.2.

Skalpa is designing and developing the next important version of Xoops, which is what everyone has heard about Xoosphere.
Xoosphere is actually xoops 4, completely redesigned and scheduled for release next year.
So what new features will xoosphere have? We can only say that it will give you infinite surprise, please see Xoosphere Development plan for details.

Mithrandir is currently seeking experienced developers to assist in the development of Xoops 2.2 and subsequent development.
A good news, PHPPP, Marcan and Hervet have joined the Xoops core development team, and I believe that with their experience, ability and effort, the xoops will be stronger.
Another good news, Catzwolf, is that John_n has returned to the Xoops community and joined the core Development group.
For more specific technical explanations, please refer to Skalpa's post at SourceForge.net forum.

Thank everyone who contributes to xoops, whether it is a developer, a designer or a forum-answering staff:
XOOPS, strong because of you!

Regional support Station news bulletin
The French community of Xoops ushered in the 1 millionth visitor. It was merged 6 months ago by three support stations and has grown rapidly into a paradise for French xoops users, with 15000 registered members and more than 400 registered xoops sites
Thanks to the contributions of Alain, Philou, Solo, Christian and Hervet.

Star of the Month: PHPPP
XOOPS Monthly Star (Xooper of the Month) is a new section of the XOOPS World newsletter, replacing the original "monthly Recommendation".
We selected PHPPP as the first Xoops monthly star. We already know that PHPPP is very active in the xoops community, so let's ask him a few questions:

M0nty: You are very active in the Xoops community, when you start to use Xoops, why choose Xoops.

PHPPP:2004 year January, in a friend asked me to help him find a CMS, I first heard of Xoops this CMS. Before that, I tested several other community-class programs. From the moment I came into contact with Xoops, I never let it go and became a fanatical xoops user.
Aside from the technical factors, one of Goghs,xoops's two startups, I was inspired from the outset by his dedication to the open source community and to Xoops. He comes from my country and has a similar family background to me.

M0nty: What advice do you have for new users to build their own websites as soon as possible?

PHPPP: As a developer, I do not have a particularly rich experience in building a station. However, as a regional support site administrator, I hope my experience can be useful to xoops novice. First of all, in order to successfully install Xoops, English users are lucky to use the Terminal Xoops FAQ and have terminus this largest support community; Other language users need to take full advantage of the regional support stations and bravely raise all the questions you need. Secondly, to choose the right module: Xoops can choose a lot of modules, but remember that in the premise of satisfying the function, the simpler the better.
Consult your regional support station or the Xoops site display (YAXS) at the reference station to identify a suitable module for the selected list. The good news is that Mithrandir and his team are sorting out modular packages for different purposes. Style choice, is a tricky thing, pay attention not to cross-stitch eyes.
In addition, I highly recommend Xoops stand Alone Server (Xsas), a handy and useful tool for both administrators and developers.

M0nty: What do you think of xoops community support? Do you think Xoops provides more timely and effective support than other CMS?

Phppp:powered by you! Xoops has the most active and fast-growing communities, and xoops users are always able to get the help they need in a timely fashion.
I am also pleased to learn that, in addition to technical support, several management teams have been established and operational.

M0nty: You've contributed several important modules to the Xoops community, such as Digest and NEWBB2, and your recently released CBB forum module.
As far as I know, CBB was originally intended for Chinese users; Since you left the NEWBB development team, users are confused about the status of these modules. Can you look ahead to the future of CBB or NEWBB? Users are concerned about whether CBB will formally replace NEWBB.

PHPPP: I am delighted to be able to provide some useful modules for the Xoops community and the Chinese community, where NEWBB 2 is my favorite. Since joining the NEWBB Development Group, I have established very important cooperation with my friend Marko Schmuck, with a very tacit and effective way of cooperation. In February, I decided to leave the NEWBB Development group and focus on CBB development and several other projects, as more and more Chinese communities modified NEWBB to make it more suitable for Chinese users and other considerations.
It was a difficult decision, but it had to be so to ensure effective development and community support.

CBB originally meant the Chinese version of NEWBB (Chinese version of NEWBB), but I'm glad to see it is evolving into a community bulletin board (Community, Bulletin Board).
NEWBB 2 is fully developed on the XOOPS structure, highly object-oriented and, more importantly, perfectly integrated with the xoops system.
It is based on NEWBB 2 and help from the Xoops community, including error reporting, functional advice, and various improvements, CBB is moving toward a fast, secure, stable, and user-friendly forum for product development.
To speed up development, we are calling for the formation of CBB development groups, including programmers, art designers, and so on.
It doesn't matter whether CBB is replacing NEWBB. But certainly, CBB will be my priority to develop the module. As a follow-up development for NEWBB 2, CBB will continue to maintain the same parameters as NEWBB. I hope that when all is well arranged, Marko will return to the Xoops community.

M0nty: What new modules are you developing or preparing now? I heard that Wfsection 3 is under development, can you give me a brief introduction.

Phppp:wfsection 3 is another important module that I'm developing, working with the WF project team led by Eike, and is now starting to test in-house.
Some important features include the same article across categories, easy cloning, high integration with other modules, XML support, basic/advanced editing mode, and so on.
However, WFS 3 is now more experimental, including background management and the foreground interface, which we plan to expand into a community-oriented multi-user blog project "Xblog", while integrating remote content management (based on xmline modules) and bookmarking social software.

M0nty: I'm glad to hear that you joined Hervet and Marcan in the Xoops core development team, which is what everyone expects. Your ability and dedication will benefit every xoops user.
PHPPP: It is an honor to have the opportunity to contribute to xoops core development. I hope we can improve xoops in different ways with the help of our experience.

M0nty: From a user's point of view, what do you think is the most important function of xoops?

Phppp:xoops is the most competitive open source CMS, is the first choice for Chinese and Asian users, security, perfect rights management, easy to use and convenient and timely community support is one of the most important factors.

M0nty: So from a developer's point of view.

PHPPP: As a developer, I can't find a more powerful and flexible system that allows me to focus on the development of application modules. Whether it's structural design or code implementation, it seems to me that xoops are the best.
At the same time, Xoops's chief developer also made me feel at ease with the next generation of Xoops.

Thank you very much for answering our questions and for your consistent support for xoops.

PHPPP's team is bringing together members of various parties to assist CBB development, if you are interested, please contact him.

Xoops International Support
* Arabic Support
* Brazilian Support
* Xoopstotal Brazilian Support
* Czech Support
* Dutch Support
* French Support
* Finnish Support
* German Support
* Greek Support
* Hungarian Support
* Italian Support
* Japanese Support
* Malaysian Support
* Persian Support
* Polish Support
* Portuguese Support
* Romanian Support
* Russian Support
* Simplified Chinese Support
* Slovenian Support
* Spanish Support
* Taiwan Support

Xoops Terminal statistics (as at June 10, 2005):

Registered Members: 30957 | Number of topics: 24436 | Number of Tiezi: 113074


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