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Installation Preparation:

The only requirement to install Elasticsearch is to install the official version of Java, including the corresponding JDK.

Installing Elasticsearch

First download the latest version of the Elasticsearch compression package to the official website.

You can use the command to fill in the latest available download links:

curl -L -O https://artifacts.elastic.co/downloads/elasticsearch/elasticsearch-5.0.2.zipunzip elasticsearch-5.0.2.zipcd elasticsearch-5.0.2
Run Elasticsearch

The Elasticsearch is ready to start in the foreground by executing the following commands:


If you want to run in daemon mode in the background, add the-D parameter.

Open another terminal for testing:


You can see the following return information:

{    "name": "vP19PMO",    "cluster_name": "elasticsearch",    "cluster_uuid": "IMKMfkMsSrKODIYg5gxgeQ", "version": { "number": "5.0.2", "build_hash": "f6b4951", "build_date": "2016-11-24T10:07:18.101Z", "build_snapshot": false, "lucene_version": "6.2.1" }, "tagline": "You Know, for Search"}

This means that your elasticsearch cluster is up and running properly.

Installing KIABNA

Kibana is a WEB interface that provides data analysis for ElasticSearch. It can be used to efficiently search, visualize and analyze logs.

First download the latest version of the KIABNA compression package to the official website.

You can use the following command to fill in the latest available download links:

https://artifacts.elastic.co/downloads/kibana/kibana-5.1.1-linux-x86_64.tar.gzsha1sum kibana-5.1.1-linux-x86_64.tar.gztar -xzf kibana-5.1.1-linux-x86_64.tar.gzcd kibana/


    • Https://www.elastic.co/downloads/kibana can get the download link at that address, be sure to select for System and version.
    • In general, the version of Kibana must be consistent with the version installed by Elasticsearch, as required by the documentation.
Installing X-pack

X-pack is an extension of the elastic stack that includes security, alerting, monitoring, reporting, and graphics features in an easy-to-install package. Before Elasticsearch 5.0.0, you must install a separate Shield,watcher and Marvel plug-in to get all the functionality in X-pack.

Download Prerequisites

Elasticsearch 5.0.2

Kibana 5.0.2

Elasticsearch Download X-pack

At the root directory of ES (per node), run bin/elasticsearch-plugin to install.

bin/elasticsearch-plugin install x-pack

The option to jump out of the installation process is now Y.

If you have disabled the creation of automatic indexes in Elasticsearch, the ELASTICSEARCH.YML configuration Action.auto_create_index allows X-pack to create the following metrics:

action.auto_create_index: .security,.monitoring*,.watches,.triggered_watches,.watcher-history*

Run Elasticsearch.

Kibana Download X-pack

Run the installation in the Kibana root directory bin/kibana-plugin .

bin/kibana-plugin install x-pack

The installation process will be relatively long, patient waiting.

Run Kibana.

Verify X-pack

Enter on the browser: http://localhost:5601/ , you can open Kibana, you need to enter a user name and password login, the default is elastic and changeme .

Installation reference:
    1. Each operating system installation Elasticsearch file selection is different, refer to: Https://www.elastic.co/downloads/elasticsearch, select the corresponding file download.
    2. Installation Kiabna need to choose according to the operating system, refer to: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/install.html, select the corresponding file download.
    3. Installation X-pack requires different installation methods depending on the Elasticsearch installation, refer to: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/x-pack/5.0/installing-xpack.html# Installing-xpack.
noun explanation

In the new contact with Elasticsearch, there will be many nouns do not understand, or do not know the relationship. Many of these are available for different versions of Elasticsearch.


Marvel Plug-in: aggregates data from each node in the cluster. This plugin must be installed on each node.
Marvel is a Elasticsearch management and monitoring tool that is free to use in the development environment. It contains sense.


The interactive console enables users to interact directly with Elasticsearch via the browser.


In the process of learning elasticsearch, it is necessary to see the running status and data of ES through some tools. It would be too much trouble and not humane if it were all through rest requests. At this point, the head plug-in can be used for basic information viewing, rest request simulation, data retrieval, and so on.


X-pack is an extension pack for Elasticsearch, which binds security, warning, monitoring, graphics and reporting features in an easy-to-install package, and is also officially recommended.


Kibana is an open source analysis and visualization platform that works with Elasticsearch. Using Kibana, you can query, view, and interact with the data stored in the Elasticsearch index. Use Kibana to perform advanced data analysis and to view data in charts, tables, and maps.

Kibana makes it very easy to understand large volumes of data. It's a very simple, browser-based interface that allows us to quickly create and share dashboards that show real-time changes in Elasticsearch query results.

Before the Elasticsearch 5 release, it is common to install Kibana, and then add Marvel, hand and other functional plug-ins to the Kibana. After the Elasticsearch 5 release, it is generally only necessary to install an officially recommended X-pack expansion pack.

"Good text" ElasticSearch 5 study-install ElasticSearch, Kibana and X-pack

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