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The three words of Saas, Paas, and IaaS have been haunting them for a long time. Take the literal meaning, respectively: Software as a service, platform as a service, facilities as a service. Small part said this does not go deep, really do not understand, but also easy to confuse. Today we're going to pick up the deep meaning of these three, so that you can see the difference immediately.

IaaS is the leading monopoly

AaS = "As a service", translation comes: You pay, I serve you.

SaaS sells software. You do not have to do anything, as long as the money, I directly to you can use the software. such as Gmail: to your mail software directly with, http://github.com: to you version control software directly, Office 365: For your Office software, Photoshop Express: For you to repair the map software. "Hackers and painters" tells the advantages of Internet software and is interested to look at it. (P.S: The collection of Paul Graham, the father of Silicon Valley entrepreneurship, for all programmers and internet entrepreneurs)

PaaS sells the platform. You write your own software, but the platform to run your software is provided by me to ensure that your software runs. Popular SAE What kind of, you take (the world's best programming language) PHP to write a website, upload to me, I will give you the site to run up. You concentrate on writing (copying) your software and giving it to me.

IaaS sells virtual machines. I will give you a virtual machine, to ensure that they run normally, can connect the net. Virtual machines How do you use whatever you want. Representative of AWS, Azure, Bird cloud, etc. The advantage of this thing is obvious: security than PAAs, because the virtual machine operating system is completely controlled by you, others difficult to change your code or data, PAAs is hard to say, than to make the machine worry, do not worry about the virtual machine lost disk bad motherboard (key data and services to back up!) Watch out for my big blue excavator! ) Very promising!

IaaS has the most jurisdiction

Any company that provides services on the Internet can be called a cloud computing company. Cloud computing is also tiered, with Saas, Paas, and IaaS as the three different service models for cloud computing and three levels of cloud computing. Infrastructure (infrastructure)-as-a-service at the bottom, Platform (platform)-as-a-service in the middle, software (software)-as-a-service at the top. Other "soft" layers can be added on top of these layers. The more you are at the bottom, the more you manage. So in these three layers, you can manage most of the IaaS, see:


Which level does the enterprise use?

SaaS for Software-level services, enterprises can enjoy some mature software services in the carrier. These software are often used over the internet, and do not need to be installed locally, which is the situation of the network will have certain requirements. For example, users can perform various operations on Microsoft Office 365, but control of the software itself is at Microsoft.

PAAs is the overall service platform that service providers provide to users, including the leasing of hardware and the construction of some test environments. The PAAs typically includes development environments, test environments, programming languages, and deployment mechanisms. PAAs services are typically targeted at development testers and departments of deployment and management in the enterprise.

For an enterprise, IaaS is a simple infrastructure service, and enterprises generally get the basic computing resources at this level. such as Amazon, OpenStack and other virtual computing resources provided. IaaS can help businesses solve computational hardware problems. For now, most companies have chosen IaaS services. It has drastically reduced the cost of IT infrastructure construction in the past ten years. Hire an IaaS provider for off-site servers, storage, and network hardware. In this way, the operation and maintenance costs and office space can be greatly reduced.

"Go" from getting started to mastering Cloud server seventh Talk-iaas, PAAS, SAAS

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