"Hadoop" 4, Hadoop installation Cloudera Manager (2)

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8. Configure SSH password-free login

And after that, the back is mended.

Enter. SSH inside

This will generate a hidden file. SSH, enter this folder, and then append the public key to the Authorized_keys file, which does not initially exist, but is automatically generated when the append command is executed:

cd .ssh

cat id_rsa.pub >> authorized_keys

Verify this machine

# Ssh-copy-id

# Ssh-copy-id


( is the specific person you want to avoid key, you have to set and self-free key)

Verifying other clients

Other empathy

9, Configuration Time synchronization

Let's configure the DNS here first

[Email protected] ~]# vi/etc/resolv.conf

Remember to open the NTPD service when you're done configuring


9.1 Using an existing NTP Server

Assuming that the IP of NTP server already exists in the local area network is, the command is run:

# ntpdate

A similar statement appears stating that synchronization succeeded

27Jun 10:12:01 ntpdate[25475]: Adjust time server NtpServer offset-0.127154 sec

If you need to synchronize the BIOS time

# hwclock-w

To configure timed synchronization, you need to use crontab, using the root user:



*/5 * * * * root ntpdate && hwclock-w

This automatically synchronizes the system every 5 minutes.

Common exceptions:

error1: ntpdate[2748]:the NTP socket is on use, exiting

Client end to turn off the NTP service.

Service ntpd Stop

Error2:no server suitable for synchronization found

NTP server start syncing 5 minutes later.

Part of the primary node that needs to be set

10. Configuring CM Source Files (Apache)

10.1. Put the file in the specified directory

Create the appropriate directory



#mkdir/var/www/html/cdh/cm5.2.0/package (cm rpm file)

10.2 Creating the appropriate cm yum

Create a yum warehouse using the Createrepo command

Installation: deltarpm-3.5-0.5.20090913git.el6.x86_64.rpm



# cd/var/www/html/cdh/cm5.2.0/

We put

Into the bag

We go online to download a



# Createrepo.

When installing Createrepo here is unsuccessful, we put the front in Yum.repo. Delete something to restore


yum-y Installcreaterepo Installation Test


And then we're on the DVD. It says three copies of the installed files to the virtual machine.

Install deltarpm-3.5-0.5.20090913git.el6.x86_64.rpm First


Download the appropriate rpm



Download, this is going to match the system.

We try to find the appropriate RPM file on the disc.

Then install python-deltarpm-3.5-0.5.20090913git.el6.x86_64.rpm

Final installation createrepo-0.9.9-18.el6.noarch.rpm

Create local Yum

The Repodata directory is generated under the/var/www/html/cdh/cm5.2.0/directory after executing the command.

Manually install the Createrepo command via the RPM command to create the Yum warehouse Rpm-ivh Createrepo

10.3 Restarting Apache

# service Httpdrestart

Open the browser separately to see if it can be accessed correctly

/HTTP Host ip/cdh/

"Hadoop" 4, Hadoop installation Cloudera Manager (2)

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