"Huangshan-Hong Village Raiders"

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See will be seniors each go out to internship, and then a dorm together opportunities less and less, and then take advantage of 51, spell a holiday, five days to play Huangshan, their strategy issued to share with the netizen.

Because the students are still in school, so Ben safety first, save second, happy third principle .

103 Hostels 51 Travel Huangshan Introduction

Fuzhou North Station 2016.4.27 pm 16.14 Departure History 2.5 hour arrival Huangshan North Station

(round trip) 2016.5.1 16:37 Huangshan North Station-Fuzhou "When I got back, I was 51 minutes late."

Bring your own items: Due to stay in the mountains for a day, and early in the morning to climb the mountain, stay one night, watch the sunrise, the next day down the hill, at least prepare four meals

Consider weight issues, with: fast hot rice x2, beef Jerky x2, mineral water x2, bread x1, corn sausage x2, Shuang hui ham x3 "index finger so long, very coarse", with some candy to avoid hypoglycemia,

Water at least three bottles of physical activity, I 177,68kg, 3.5 bottles of reference water, clothing two pieces t+ wearing, shoes x1, a coat in autumn, "before with a long shirt nearly froze to death", electronic products,

Of course, if you have the money, take the camera to move the power or something is enough to eat the mountain, but the mountain food is porters hard to pick up, cable car only manned not load, so that price you understand, do not abandon,

Do not bring the noodles, the water quality on the mountain is very poor.

We are very lucky. The first cloudy mountain, down the mountain, before the mountains to go, after the mountain walk down, the weather and arrangements are very reasonable, of course, you can go back to the mountain, before the mountain cable car, we want to see the welcome pine, and not like from the back of the mountain to see the welcome pine to become a drop of pine

Huangshan North Station ——-"Tangkou Town" Huangshan Scenic tourist area

Take the tour bus 20/person departure time 8:00-20:00 one hour to the departure, time spent 50 minutes.

"Tangkou Town"-"Huangshan Gate ticket Office" 19/People do not support private cars and coaches, self-driving attention, insurance 2/People from the back Hill to Cloud Valley Temple from the former mountain to the TSZ Light Pavilion Huangshan Tickets students or height concessions 115, the remaining 230

If you want to stay in the mountain for a night, time is best to stay at the foot of Huangshan Tangkou Town, the closer to the transfer center, the return needs to go to Tunxi Street "Tunxi Huangshan old name" can ask the conductor

We are in the South Gate near the 1314 Inn to live under the boss very enthusiastic, not only called the driver to the South Gate to meet us, but also to our planning route "PS: Of course, declined, I have this planner in it!" 】

And the room price is cheap, double standard room 99+ family 137, don't ask me why so set, have a too fat of the roommate didn't dare to Family room than double standard high-end.

The food was very good and the staff were very friendly. " 、

What beef was forgotten, in the inn.

Hairy Tofu

Beef Soup

Breakfast "Affordable package 10/person"

Tunxi in the city, we did not go, before the East Ridge Transfer Center to Hong Village, because it is 51 the same day back, that road is very congested, later chartered in the Garden Hotel back to Huangshan North station time spent 1.5 hours.

Tangkou Town to Hong Village 8:00-14:00 15/person Shuttle "The actual we are chartered to the 1301 car from the east ridge to the hotel" to the village after the call to the boss, the result he came out to meet us, really did not think,

Because it is 51 days ago to go, not that many people go, so there is free to pick up the bar, the boss is very good, we live in the travel between 42/day, because it is not the standard room so many things need to bring, slippers towel toothpaste brush, such as the air-conditioned bathroom bed similar to the student dormitory, can refer to the picture of Cheap distance from the Hong Village Scenic Area is also very close.

The following is the station car "from Ma Honeycomb" Hong Village wood Pit Bamboo Sea "Ctrip price 15/Student Ticket" This wood pit bamboo did not go, time and wallet not allowed ~ awkward

"East Ridge Transfer Center" 7:30-13:20 13/person takes about 45 minutes

"Zhai XI Transfer Center" 9:30-15:30

The rest of the time carpool 15-40/people East Ridge carpool to Hong Village 130, in fact, very affordable, near 51, and can also get a lot of information from the driver's mouth, specialty or tea, and some drivers will teach you how elegant fare evasion 0.0

Phone What's on the group, you can find it, when you book online, remember to call the store to confirm

Ctrip almost had no place to live when he ordered the Baiyun.

Night "1314 Inn" 4.27-4.28 telephone reservation double standard 99+ Family 134

"Huangshan Baiyun Hotel" 4.28-4.29 Ctrip booking 127*5=635

"Yi County Hotel" 4.29-5.1 American Group Reservation 41*2*5=410

The Park Hotel

Due to time and physical factors such as restrictions we only take the West Sea Grand Canyon cable car, go down, completely downhill, not laborious and beautiful scenery, and then take the cable car up, take the cable car 4 minutes to the cable car There is nothing to see .

Huangshan Yuping ropeway 90/person [no discount] Huangshan Student Ticket 115/person

Huangshan Yun gu ropeway 80/person [no discount]

Huangshan Tai Ping ropeway 80/person [no discount]

West Grand Canyon Cable Car 80/person [no discount]

Huangshan Administrative Office Tel: 0559-5561111

Huangshan Scenic Map "It is best to bring a copy, the mountain in addition to other signals are not good telecommunications, and attractions to the map is very hole ignored a lot of"

I met a few girls on the road to take that hole dad map to ask the way, the results with the following is not on.

First day "2016..4.28"

4.28 morning at 7 in the 1314 Inn departure, to Tsz Guang court. Departure time 6:30-17:30, 30 minutes by car, 19/person

Tsz Ching Court-immediate bridge-Shanji-Welcome pine 3 Hours-lotus Pavilion 40 minutes-hundred step ladder-fish cave-ao Yufeng-Baiyun Hotel 80 minutes. A few 30 minutes ' walk in the middle of the Grand Canyon. It takes about 5 hours to see the team physically.

Good afternoon rest-Western Grand Canyon "take the cable car down to walk up to 3 hours" late last Hotel good rest dinner, night hotel eat "own food"

West Grand Canyon Cable Car 100/person no discount

Next day "2016.4.29"

Start at five in the morning and go to the bright top for about 20 minutes and see the sunrise for 15 minutes "then go back to the hotel and sleep until 11. 】。

Light Top 35 points – View Stone Pavilion – White Goose Ridge 1 hrs – Cloud Valley Temple 150 mins – Transfer Centre 19/person 30 mins

Take 5 hours + 1 hours to rest for dinner. 11:30-16:30 to transfer center about 40 minutes

Afternoon carpool or chartered to Hong Village. Takes about 1.5 hours

Yi County Hotel "police station 200m" 41/person two nights 41*2*5=410

Hong Village Special Snacks:

Huangshan Mao tofu "too salty", smelly Mandarin fish, Yi County laba tofu, Wang Tan bean curd, Hong Village royal Cake "spicy not delicious"

Po main GUI People, eat not accustomed to above, too salty too spicy, but the village sells ice cream really good, the supermarket inside the market to buy specialty is very affordable and reliable at least not to be slaughtered.

Inside there is a sweet rice wine is good call mother-in-law, like wine can reference, 0.5°

This side because is the commercial attractions casually stroll on the line, by the way relief climb the tired, one day time enough.

Share some of the previous photos, disorderly "people lazy"

Affordable, Fair Trade

Mimi Hey

Little stuff in the store.

The door of the boutique is handsome, not seriously feel like a real person. But the words are not suitable for sister, inside is too dirty.

Roommates do not give their pictures are ignored, Hair Zhang's own.

Catch a Cat alive

Very steep downhill, uphill photo lazy to turn over the

Body-changing device

Hong Village boutique Postcard shop, literary youth will go. But the set is very expensive, PO master does not stamp collecting is not too artistic so give "" ...

Hong Village logo----Painting Bridge, many art students will come here to sketch.

So much, there is nothing to know the message.

Technology lies in communication, experience is to share, hard to relax is to travel. Haha, from the flow if shallow.

"Huangshan-Hong Village Raiders"

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