"Linux learning is not difficult" Linux Network Command (3): ping command to test connectivity to the target computer

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27.3 "Linux learning is not difficult" Linux Network Command (3): ping command to test connectivity to the target computer

Use the ping command to test connectivity to the target computer. The ping command uses the ICMP transport protocol to emit information that requires a response, and if the remote host has no problem with the network function, it will respond to the message and be informed that the host is functioning properly.

Command syntax:

ping [options] [target]

The meanings of the options in the command are as shown in the table.


option meaning

-C < completion times >

set the number of responses required to complete

-S < packet size >

Specifies the number of bytes of data to be sent. The default value is 56


Show verbose output information


Record Routing

Example: Testing connectivity to Web site www.sina.com.

[[email protected] ~]# Ping www.sina.com

Example: testing connectivity to a computer, sending 4 ICMP packets.

[Email protected] ~]# ping-c 4

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Linux learning is not difficult "Linux Network Command (3): Ping to test connectivity between target computers

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