"Microsoft Office Access cannot append all records in the append query. Microsoft Office Access Field 1 is set to null because the type conversion fails and it does not add 0 records

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When I use C # To save an access data, the system prompts that the data types are inconsistent.



When data is stored

An error occurred.

"Microsoft Office Access cannot append all records in the append query.


Microsoft Office Access Field 1 is set to null because of type conversion failure. It does not add 0 records to the table because of key-value conflicts. 0 records are not added because of lock conflicts, no Zero record is added because the validity rule conflict.

Do you want to perform an action query?

To ignore errors and perform queries, click yes "."



It cannot be solved, because all data is obtained through a function. If it cannot be saved, it cannot be saved. The type should be "OK", Google.

Sadly, none of the solutions work. Ignore him first and experiment with existing data. Two days later, when I added a new field, I still looked like a new one. I thought that the "long integer" data was too big and it was set to "integer" (I thought that the span of 2 was the power of 32, sadly, error source.


Therefore, if you want to manually add a number of 106000, an error is returned. Mlgb, and so on. Check "integer". Check that access "integer" spans the 16 power of 2, not the int in nndc #, but short! @ # ¥ % ...... & * () -- +


For a moment, I thought it had hurt me for a few hours! Therefore, we hope that similar people will learn the lesson.






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