"New round of Industrial Revolution": the imagination of several important industries in the next 20 years. 3 stars

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In the book, the author speaks of some generalizations and predictions about the development trends of several important industries, with insufficient data and reasoning to stay in the imagination stage. 3 stars.

Here is a excerpt from some of the information and ideas in the book:

1: Several countries have become pioneers in the advanced robotics industry. About 70% of the world's robots are sold in Japan, China, the United States, South Korea and Germany, the "Big Five" (bigfive) in the field of robotics. #365

2: Two professors at Oxford University have studied more than 700 detailed career types, and published an article explaining that more than half of America's jobs are likely to be subject to computerized threats over the next 20 years. #641

3: The study has identified the causative agent, and the next step is to develop a product that can act on a small area of chromosome second with an excess ACP1 gene. The idea that people can take a pill to prevent suicide, though contrary to long-established assumptions in the field of mental illness, may be the future that genomics can create. #895

4: Within 15 years of the start of the human genome sequence, China has become a leader in genetic research. The big gene is no longer just a contributor to the 1% sequence; it is now the world's largest gene research center, with more devices on the gene sequence than in the United States. #1042

5: Josh and mobile healthcare are now the biggest project to develop a tool that can diagnose malaria and tuberculosis virus by means of lights and cameras on mobile phones, the target price of which is below $15. #1108

6: In addition, Uber will try to seize the large-day, overnight express service market. #1420

7: In short, the blockchain invented by Nakamoto enables Bitcoin to maintain a reliable, continuously updated, and universally visible public ledger without any centralization of roles and intermediaries, which is a trusted network of code weaving. #1551

8: Although many of the industries associated with Bitcoin have been hacked, the blockchain system itself has never been compromised. #1571

9: He envisages that contracts, such as the ownership of hard assets such as land, can also be added to the contents of the general ledger. This is another example of digital networks and digital trust that can abolish the status of traditional middlemen as arbitrators and pundits. #1763

10: There are three main types of cyber attacks today: the privacy, availability, and integrity of attack networks. #1887

11: Fine farming provides a solution. Unlike traditional farms that sow fixed amounts of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, new data will help us significantly reduce the amount of chemicals used in farmland, which in turn will reduce the final entry of chemicals into water, air and food. #2408

12: Why do large numbers of internet companies still come from Silicon Valley, even though the world is investing heavily in relevant fields to compete with Silicon Valley? There are many reasons for this, but the most important is domain expertise. #2702

13: Many thinkers also hold the same view, believing that Silicon Valley's expertise in software and analytics will engulf the entire industry, leading to massive centralization. #2741

14: It's shocking to me that the location and density of grass on the farm is so important that New Zealand farmers have the expertise so they know what they want and then meet it. #2791

15: In December 2014, Estonia took another bold initiative to provide "proof of electronic residence" for all people in the world. #3010

16: The Kenyan people have created a complete banking system that can be done using mobile phones and phone cards. Thus, through frugal innovation, Kenya has overtaken many countries in the world with traditional banking systems. #3308

"New round of Industrial Revolution": the imagination of several important industries in the next 20 years. 3 stars

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