"Product-tools" How to use Project management tools Smartsheet and Teamgannt

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Choose a Gantt making tool
Now there is a new project on hand that launches a social chat app. Although there have been some projects on hand, but those projects are in very urgent circumstances, and the previous project from the project to the completion of the project to complete the process, there are constantly significant personnel changes, resulting in the project progress has been changed, to the end has been disjointed.
Now that I'm starting a new project, I think I need to record at least one project from birth to every detail that I grow up to be an adult, and that I have to face all the shocks to keep the project consistent.
At the beginning of the project, I needed a tool to perfectly control the progress. Mention the progress, will undoubtedly think of the Gannt diagram, at first I want to use the ExL form to do, but because the previous use of the ExL table to do, resulting in updating the table is more troublesome, change a value may lead to re-gannt, so I decided to find more convenient tool. This time, the powerful Google helped me, immediately go to the Chrome tool store to search Gannt, (has been very fond of using chrom plug-in, lightweight), search results:

Then I downloaded the previous three items.

Smartsheet and Teamgannt interface relatively simple point, and multitask this because the registration process is relatively cumbersome, I gave up directly.
Want to see the interface between Smartsheet and Teamgannt.

From the interface, you will enjoy the teamgannt, simple and distinctive style, a full view of the project progress and attention to detail, and the project progress bar style than smartsheet better, but its optional color is relatively small.
But I finally chose the smartsheet, originated from the Teamgantt no e-mail features, only print and export, and Teamgantt add team members, need to send an invitation.

Because we this domestic cock silk team really not very accustomed to use these foreign goods, although I think teamgantt very good, in the Gantt details of the complete defeat Smartsheet, but scruples team other people, I still chose Smartsheet.

The performance of both on the Gantt chart.
Smartsheet a wide range of operating space.

    1. You can add a hidden column
    2. Support for connecting to other Smartsheet projects
    3. Left sidebar
    4. You can follow or skip projects with arrows
    5. Time and date diversity display

Teamgantt Excellent Gantt performance.

1. Simple options
2. Can be assigned
3. Excellent color matching performance
4. Can display only individual tasks and can be easily edited

The 5th is Teamgantt's unparalleled advantage.
5. Export the PDF. The PDF output is beautiful and complete relative to the above one Smartsheet,teamgantt. (Smartsheet output PDF is a slag at all)

As a result of the use of their Gantt, other aspects have not done much research, in general, Smartsheet need to use more time and more autonomy to configure the power, suitable for Gantt with high requirements of people. Teamgantt's advantages lie in its simplicity, ease of access, and the ability to generate PDFs. Suitable for rapid production and team production use.

Each has the pros and cons, so the future is still compared to use, but also hope you find a better Gantt generation tool, the project management has a greater help.

Product-tools How to use the project management tools Smartsheet and Teamgannt

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