"Sharing lessons" about a letter worth 2000 dollars deep lessons 20150120

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Test today 401, more sad is to do is the topic can also, but the problem of synchronous Sam, troubleshooting for 2 hours are not resolved, hey, this exam hanging is not good to say, regret himself had found this problem why not solve, obviously know Murphy's law why not solve, why there is a fluke mentality, Why do you always doubt others, why you always doubt the system environment, why not doubt that you are wrong, why? People will make mistakes, compared with the system people are more likely to make mistakes, because the subjective judgment of people, on the surface is because of overconfidence, this wronged the self-confidence, in fact, or because of laziness, or because of the negative attitude, or because of the habit of procrastination.

Encounter the problem is not terrible, terrible is you see not, terrible is you judgmental, terrible is you do not actively solve the problem, more terrible is the next time happened again ...

The lesson is very deep, a word spelling mistakes lead to fall short, a word is worth 2000 yuan (exam fee 2000), a word may be priceless, many things may not have the opportunity to re-think, but it is not a pity, it can be said to deserve, Because the online test has already appeared in the time of this problem, alive did not solve, must be self-righteous think that the problem of the environment, must be considered to be a problem of the machine, and never think of it is not their own problems, so many long-winded, a little disciplining feeling, want to wall the feeling. If the problem is not solved, you have no experience, you will not grow, you will encounter, if not solve you will never learn.

Now do the things decided 3 years after the state of life, away from their goals are still very far, there is a lot to do, a lot of, refueling!

Conclusion: (1) Detail determines success or failure, and so does the operation and life. (2) To say that this lesson is profound, not because of the problem of money, but the human problem, the realization of the human problem caused by the failure.


$SSH _orignal_command (wrong notation for $2000)--$SSH _original_command (correct notation)

"Sharing lessons" about a letter worth 2000 dollars deep lessons 20150120

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