"Testimonials" play games rather than develop their own games

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"Testimonials" play games rather than develop their own games

Develop your own game 100 times times more fun than playing games

Nowadays, the emergence of many intelligent products makes the game market change. For a time, the hands-on tour and the more novel game forms (such as virtual reality) became the next overlord, the arcade, game boy,ps,pc.

This also makes the number of games growing, the App Store and Google Play, the two iOS and Android's largest app platform, more than 60% is the game category app. Is the app allocation scale for the first quarter of 2015 Google Play:

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Our ancestors have said: "First, enjoy." (Fan Zhongyan "Yueyanglou")

So, small part as a patriotic love party, the heart of the world's Socialist Good youth (do not blush?) Although currently in France, but Cao Ying Han, how can we not be worried about the current situation of teenagers keen to play games? They are the future of our motherland.

Play the game, appropriate is can, as the study of the rest of the relaxation, and no major hindrance. But if you can't control it and become addicted to it, that's a big threat.

Today small series with fearless spirit, Gaoshanyangzhi moral integrity, for everyone's story. Hope that in the game can not extricate the friend may turn back, perhaps can become the game development programmer. Already a programmer can also look at the following tool recommendations.

Small series of junior high school grades are very good, high school is not so prominent (so the bigger the more stupid?) )。 To the university, because and bedroom roommate contact with internet cafes, falling into the game can't extricate themselves. Several courses are to be rebuilt.

One-third of the time is spent in the Internet cafes, really no exaggeration. All night that is the usual, hundreds of sure, young body good, is spicy wayward.

At that time, internet cafes popular charge money to send money, charge 50 yuan to send 20, charge 100 to send 50, charge 200 to send 200, charge 500 to send 700, in short, the more the more to send more.

Small series is often charged 200 get 200, do not want to charge too much is the heart also a little conscience, do not want to play too much. In fact, now think about it should be 1000 ah, only charge 200 too much loss ... Anyway, it will be more than 200, why not charge 1000 at a time, let me at once enough ...

In the Internet cafes, basically are playing games. Mainly stand-alone game, what Warcraft, StarCraft, Dota (at that time five people open black is also very memorable), Chenghai 3 C, true three, CS, through the FireWire, and so on. Online games also have to play, what wonders of the world, machine warfare, and so on (seems quite low).

Think of that year is also a pretty spell. Fortunately the prodigal back in time, not too worried bad parents.

Because our college and the French University of Engineers to run a school, three years of school four years of curriculum, junior grade after the achievement of the standard can come to France to continue to study engineers or master. But also to test a French level testing TEF, need more than 500 points.

Later in the beginning of the junior, small series to the Internet cafes less time, but still have to go. The hanging class rebuilt well, other classes spent time to learn, not to absenteeism, also began to study the classroom.

After that even can pass the examination, comparatively barely enough qualified to study in France, is also a miracle.

2009 years in France, the beginning is still completely not programming ah. Starting from the beginning of 2011, self-study, participate in competitions, read PDF, write procedures, visit the forum. Just programmed into the door.

Later learned embedded development, linux,android bottom and app development, and so on. Currently mainly engaged in embedded software work, Android and Linux embedded.

2014 with a friend in the spare time to write a hand tour, set up "Moonlight Studio", Moonwalkstudio. Then the friend returned to work and did not go on.

Our unsuccessful little entrepreneurial deeds and three games developed in two weeks have also been reported by the country's famous game community: Game Bull.

Click " Read the original " to see the detailed report, there are many photos of the time. Although not successful, but that time is still worth remembering.

From the mire of the game back to the prodigal son unexpectedly also developed a game, this is "revenge society" mentality which is still ... It seems to be very unacceptable. It's a joke.

At that time, we do not have art, so the so-called art is small to make their own use of PS simple pictures.

To do game development, but also to learn some knowledge: such as some basic concepts (rendering, projection, coating, texture, etc.), but also some basic concepts of space conversion, coordinate system to make clear, 3D Mathematics, basic physics knowledge, some common algorithms. A little bit of art is the best.

Of course, the game development engine is doing very well now, generally do not need you to do too much of the heart.

Small series of hands-on experience, their own development of the game, is really more fun than playing other people's game, there is a sense of accomplishment too much, not a level. You can play your own game, improve it, you can see the game step-by-step maturity, the mood is like watching a child grow up, very wonderful.

Of course the development of the game is much harder than playing games, as if this is nonsense ... Small series more to fight.

We had to talk about the game development engine we were using: Unity 3D

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At that time, I chose what development tool to use at the beginning, because I participated in the Perceptual Computing contest held by Intel in 2013, when I taught myself that unity developed a game that combines perceptual camera.

So I suggest using unity to develop (in C # or JavaScript), but we've also tried Cocos2d-x (developed in C + +) and finally feel that unity is developing more efficiently.

Of course not to say cocos2d-x bad, in fact Unity's strengths in the development of 3D games, 2D or 2.5D of course also line. Cocos2d-x is more adept at developing 2D games.

But the small part of the personal feeling unity is really doing quite well, called the artifact. A game that will soon be developed and completed. And the entry is extremely simple, without programming experience can be quickly started. C # and JavaScript are not as complex as C + +.

Of course, you can also use the native platform of the game SDK to develop games, such as the Android platform has a number of third-party game library, Apple's Xcode also has a powerful game SDK for iOS game development.

But the advantage of this kind of unity engine is that it is easy to develop (many parts of unity do not need to write their own code, such as animation, can be generated, etc.), easy to publish.

We were using the Unity 4.5 Pro hack version at the time because the pro version of Unity was charged and expensive. Basic version is not fully functional). Now, however, Unity 5 is fully functional and completely free, and can be released to 23 platforms (continue to grow):

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A few good resources for unity 3D are recommended:

game Bull : www.manew.com (the largest unity community in the country)

Thai Lesson Online : www.taikr.com (Many detailed unity video materials)

Gong Teacher Unity 3D Video Tutorial : Baidu Cloud Disk has, own Baidu (Super detailed course, take you to write a game)

Of course, it is necessary to manage project files, recommend Gitlab, and create a private warehouse. Unlike GitHub, you have to spend money to build a private library.

More game development experience sharing and resource sharing, please add the Programmer Alliance, Small series will be patient to answer oh. Welcome to Exchange, Enlighten ~

A small series of Google Play developer pages (with 10 Android apps), which is useful for several games developed by Unity 3D (domestic friends can't see it):


Did you have a heartbeat? The friends who are willing to try to learn game development can come oh.

Beautiful angels do not like lazy people, brave young ah, go to create games ~ to play for the Angels

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"Testimonials" play games rather than develop their own games

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