"The Sword of Infinity" group free release of assets worth over $3 million

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The "Infinity Sword 3", the end of an epic classic, ushered in a first-ever exemption, and the developer announced that the game's package would be a resource in the Unreal Engine store for free to developers.

Developed by the developer chair Entertainment "Endless Sword" trilogy has been called "wonderful game epic" by many players, recently, as the epic classic end of the "Infinity Sword 3" ushered in the first limit. Not only that, the developer also announced that the game's package will be available as a resource in the Unreal Engine store for free to developers. So the strength of the two benefits really let us feel the chair entertainment full of sincerity Wow, there is a need for players to seize this opportunity!

According to the official announcement, the free resources include: "Endless Sword," the grass material, snow material, fire ground material, warrior modeling, weapon modeling, sound efficiency, light efficiency and the game of various enemy monsters modeling, including also "Endless Sword" in some classic weapons and character modeling.

Officials say the footage was combined with more than 7,600 separate elements, costing more than $3 million. Developers can use any Unreal 4 engine development project, and there are no additional conditions, which means that developers can apply it to a commercial project. "Your success is my success," the announcement says.

So why would the authorities do so at the expense of the developers? In the announcement, Chair Entertainment said most of the footage came from an epic games failed to release MMOPRG's "Infinity Sword: Dungeon" (Infinity blade:dungeons). Chair Entertainment announced the development plan for the product in a keynote speech at the Apple conference in early 2012, but in October they announced news that the product would be postponed and eventually aborted the project the following year. It is reported that the 2012 financial crisis is the main cause of the project abortion.

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While in essence, the use of resources to provide developers free of charge is a waste-taking, but this is certainly a very bold move. The only thing to worry about right now is whether we're going to see a lot of the same stuff come up after the free release of these highly accurate and practical resources.

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"The Sword of Infinity" group free material resources worth over 3 million dollars (turn)

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