"Turn" ballpoint pen test

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Ballpoint Pen Test


1. Functional Test 1

2. Performance Test 1

3. Security Test 2

4. Pressure Test 2

5. Installation Test 2

6. Portability Test 2

7. Interface Test 3

8. Document Testing 3

9. Stability Test 3

10. Robustness Test 3

11. Regression Test 3

1.Functional Testing

(1), can not write

(2), the amount of ink

(3), the degree of handwriting thickness

2.Performance Testing

(1), how long can write

(2), whether the nib is smooth

(3), at which temperature can be written

(4), how long can the handwriting be kept

(5), button can press the maximum number of times

(6), the endurance of the pen

(7), whether the angle of writing is limited

3.Security Testing

(1), will not hurt people

(2), whether the ink is poisonous

(3), NIB, shell whether there is a sharp point

(4) Whether the waste of pens has an impact on the environment

(5), whether the manufacturing materials are radioactive, toxic

(6), will not have a chemical reaction with other items

(7), the time is long, the spring will not be pressed to move

4.pressure test

(1), can withstand how much grip

(2), how much atmospheric pressure can withstand

(3), maximum withstand temperature

(4), damp place can be stored

(5), up to how many times to fall

(6), the lowest breaking height

5.Installation Test

(1), each accessory can be assembled successfully

(2), removed can be restored

6.Portability Testing

(1), all kinds of pen accessories can be assembled, write

(2), can the other refill on the pen

(3), on which paper to write

7.Interface Testing

(1), pattern, such as crayon small new pattern

(2), length

(3), thickness

(4), Color

8.Document Testing

(1), the use of the instructions are grammatical errors

(2), whether it is easy to understand

(3), whether the label is right

9.Stability Testing

(1), in case of ink, can write

(2), whether the refill bead is in the process of writing off

10.Robustness Testing

(1), not according to the normal situation will appear what happens

(2), broken can not repair

(3), after water can not be used again

(4), the pen will be easy to be hard things to scratch

11.regression test

(1), change the refill whether there is the same performance

Test life cycle

Test Plan----Test design----) Write a use case----test Execution----Test evaluation



Software = program + documentation

A bug that doesn't meet the user's needs

CMM1 level------〉11.95

CMM2 level------〉5.52

CMM3 level------〉2.39

CMM4 level------〉0.92

CMM5 level------〉0.32

Bug classification

    1. Fully implemented
    2. Basic implementation, run-time problems
    3. Implementation does not require functionality

Test environment = hardware + software + Network

Test Environment Essentials

    1. Real
    2. Clean
    3. Non - toxic
    4. Independent

Test Cases

    1. Test environment
    2. Test steps
    3. Test data
    4. Expected results

"Turn" ballpoint pen test

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