"ubuntu" installing Ubuntu Server over a wireless network, how to connect to a wireless network after booting the system

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Contact with Ubuntu system soon, found in the wireless network environment to install Ubuntu Server A less humane design: During the installation process to select a wireless network card, that is, the use of wireless networking installation (you need to select a Wi-Fi network and enter a password), However, after the system installation is restarted, the wireless card is not automatically started and the Wi-Fi network selected during installation is connected. This design for the inconvenience of using wired network of Linux Novice, will bring great annoyance ...

Because you cannot connect to applications such as the network installation GUI or Network-manager, you also try to use commands such as ifconfig and Iwconfig, but find that the Iwconfig command only supports WEP-encrypted Wi-Fi networks and does not support WPA-PSK encryption. Finally, the WPA-PSK encrypted Wi-Fi network is successfully connected by/etc/network/interfaces configuration of the wireless card, as follows:

1, dynamic access to the way to connect to the Wi-Fi network

1 Auto Wlan0 2 iface wlan0 inet DHCP 3 4 wpa-essid wi-finame 5 wpa-psk Wi-Fi password

P.S. If the security authentication method is WEP, change the last two lines to:

1 wireless-essid wi-finame 2 wireless-key Wi-Fi password

2, static address of the way to connect to the Wi-Fi network

 1  auto wlan0  2  iface wlan0 inet static  3  4  address  192.168 . 1   5  netmask 255.255 . 255.0  6  gateway 192.168 . 1.1  7  8  wpa-essid wi- fi name  9  wpa-psk Wi-fi password  

Note: The wireless card "Wlan0" is the name of the wireless network card that is queried through the iwconfig command and may vary

Through the above settings, you can automatically start the wireless network card and connect the Wi-Fi network encrypted by WPA-PSK mode!

"ubuntu" installing Ubuntu Server over a wireless network, how to connect to a wireless network after booting the system

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