"Unity" 3.0 3rd Create and Import 3D models

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Date Created: 2016-04-02 I. INTRODUCTION

With Unity's built-in basic models and tools, you can create a variety of 3D models directly without any other three-dimensional modeling software, which is the first thing we learn in this chapter.

Once you've learned the basics, use the three-dimensional modeling software (3DS Max, Maya, blender, etc.) to learn the construction of a complex three-dimensional model and then import it into Unity Engineering.

The basic operational key points of this chapter:

L Use of the shortcut bar.

L Shortcut keys (Q: Hand, W: Pan, E: rotate, R: zoom) use.

The use of the shortcut key (F: center).

l Use of roaming mode.

L Small icon (note the color) of the use.

The implications and detailed explanations of these key points are described in the section "2.5 view of the scene". In particular, the "2.5 Scene View" section of the content is very important, it must be "repeated watching, repeated practice, memorize in the chest."

In short, to master the toolbar, shortcut keys, mouse operation, as well as the keyboard and mouse with the operation, which is the basic skills of the 3D primer, if even these basic skills can not remember, you do not fit to do 3D game development, do not reluctantly learn, and then learn is a waste of time. Second, download the resource bundle from the Unity store

To facilitate later learning, create a new project called Downloadfromunitystore, and then download some of the resource bundles you are interested in from the asset store provided by Unity:

Some of these resources are free, some are charged, just start learning, there is no need to buy the resources, you can download some free resources according to the needs of the line:

Once downloaded, you can use these resources in a variety of projects that you create later.

Of course, you can also download a variety of resources from other sources, which is not explained separately here. Third, this chapter example needs to import the resource bundle

1. Project Name

The project name created by this chapter example: Ch03demos

2. Required textures in the project

Ch03demos need the following picture:



Create the Textures folder in the project first, the free download of the resource pack contains these files, find and then drag and drop them into the Textures folder:

3. Other resources

Since unity has been installed with the sample resource pack for unity, there is no need to look for additional resources from other sources and directly import the sample resource bundle from unity into the Ch03demos project:

Well, when you're ready for the job, you can start your entry-level study.

"Unity" 3.0 3rd Create and Import 3D models

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