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Use animations to make graphics more image and reflect data changes

1. Installation Environment Gganimate

1 if(!require (Devtools)) Install.packages ("Devtools")2Devtools::install_github ("dgrtwo/gganimate")3 #It is important to note that this package relies on ImageMagick to produce animations, so you need to install ImageMagick4Install.packages ("Installr")5Installr::install. ImageMagick ("http://www.imagemagick.org/script/download.php")6 #In the process of installing the software, there is a page all ticked, otherwise the animation cannot find the executable file

2. Loading the package

1 Library (READR) 2 Library (DPLYR) 3 Library (DT) 4 Library (MAPS) 5 Library (GGPLOT2) 6 Library (ggthemes) 7 Library (tibble) 8 Library (lubridate) 9 Library (Tidyr) Ten Library (gganimate)

3. Load Data Set

1 ' Https://raw.githubusercontent.com/d4tagirl/R-Ladies-growth-maps/master/rladies.csv ' 2 rladies <-read_csv (URL (url_csv))%>%3   Select ( -1)4 DataTable ( Rladies, rownames = FALSE,5           options = List (Pagelength = 5))

Conclusion: This data set is a Rladies dataset and is a community of global feminist organizations that mainly change gender discrimination

Primary field: Screen_name community Name


Created_at creation Time

Number of follower followers

Age_days to Present time (2017-05-16)

Longitude of the Lon community

Latitude of the LAT community

4. Static graphics

1 #load the world map2World <-Ggplot () +3Borders' World', color='gray85', fill='gray80')+4 Theme_map ()5 6 #load each community as a point onto the map7Map <-World +8Geom_point (Aes (x=lon,y=lat,size=followers), data=rladies,colour='Purple', alpha=.5) +9Scale_size_continuous (Range=c (1,8), Breaks=c (250,500,750,1000)) +TenLabs (size='followers')

Conclusion: It can be seen that the feminist communities in the United States and Europe are

5. Create dynamic graphics (show changes every one months)

#use Tibble to create start date and start point data, Tribble is an alternative to Data.frameGhost_points_ini <-tibble (Created_at= As. Date ('2011-09-11'), followers=0,lon=0,lat=0)#use tibble to create end date and end point dataGhost_points_fin <-tibble (Created_at=seq (AS. Date ('2017-05-16'), as. Date ('2017-05-30'), by=' Days'), followers=0,lon=0,lat=0)#gganimate need to specify frame as a parameter,#Cumulative for T means map <-World +Geom_point (AES (x=lon,y=lat,size=followers, Frame=created_at,cumulative=T), Data=rladies,color='Purple', alpha=.5) +Geom_point (AES (x=lon,y=lat,size=followers, Frame=created_at,cumulative=T), Data=ghost_points_ini,color='Purple', alpha=0) +Geom_point (AES (x=lon,y=lat,size=followers, Frame=created_at,cumulativte=T), Data=ghost_points_fin,color='Purple', alpha=0) +scale_size_continuous (Range=c (1,8), Breaks=c (250,500,750,1000)) +Labs (Size='followers')#Turn on animationGganimate (map)

Conclusion: It can be known that the feminist community originated in the United States, slowly spread to Europe, and finally to Latin America, this map has a modified space, the dot with the time of the establishment of the Community increased

6. Modifying dynamic graphics

1 #Select the date displayed in the month display (1,10,20)2Dates <-as_tibble (seq (Floor_date (AS. Date (min (rladies$created_at)),3Unit ='Month'),4As. Date ('2017-05-15'),5by=' Days'))%>%6Filter (value)%inch% c (1,10,20))7 8 #Create a new dataset, select only Screen_name and date, and calculate the user's scale based on time9Rladies_frames <-rladies%>%TenSelect (Screen_name)%>% OneExpand (Screen_name,date=dates$value)%>% ARight_join (rladies,by='Screen_name')%>% -Filter (Date > Created_at)%>% -Mutate (Age_total=as.numeric (age_days,units=' Days'), theAge_at_date= as.numeric (difftime (date,created_at,units =' Days'), -Units =' Days'), -Est_followers= ((followers-1)/age_total) *age_at_date) -  +Ghost_points_ini2 <-Ghost_points_ini%>% -Mutate (date=created_at,est_followers =0) +  AGhost_points_fin2 <-Ghost_points_fin%>% atExpand (date=created_at,rladies)%>% -Select (date,est_followers=Followers,lon,lat) -  -Map_frames <-World + -Geom_point (Aes (x=lon,y=lat,size=est_followers,frame=date), -Data=rladies_frames,colour='Purple', alpha=.5) + inGeom_point (Aes (x=lon,y=lat,size=est_followers,frame=date), -data = ghost_points_ini2,alpha=0) + toGeom_point (Aes (x=lon,y=lat,size=est_followers,frame=date), +data = ghost_points_fin2,colour='Purple', alpha=.5) + -Scale_size_continuous (Range=c (1,8), Breaks=c (250,500,750,1000)) + theLabs (size='followers') *  $Gganimate (Map_frames)

Conclusion: It can be seen that the global feminist community continues to grow in the process

The 2012-2016-year feminist community is in its infancy, concentrated in the United States,

2016-2017 years of development in Europe, the 2017 European feminist community is larger than the United States

2017 years later, feminist community King Latin America began to develop gradually

R Language-Animation

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