RABBITMQ configuration file

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A simple RABBITMQ configuration eliminates the need for configuration files and requires a configuration file only when you need to customize complex applications

rabbitmq-env.conf Configuring Common parameters:
// IP Address, empty string bind all addresses, specify address bind specified network interface rabbitmq_node_port=       //TCP port number, default is 5672rabbitmq_nodename=        // node name. The default is the rabbit// profile Path, which is the Rabbitmq.config file path rabbitmq_mnesia_base=     //  Mnesia path rabbitmq_log_base=        // log location rabbitmq_plugins_dir=     // The path where the plug-in

Rabbitmq.config Configuration

If you are installing with RPM packages, you can copy the configuration file sample from the default Docs directory:

CP /usr/share/doc/rabbitmq-server-3.5. 3/rabbitmq.config.example/etc/rabbitmq.config

Common configurations are as follows:

Tcp_listerners    #设置rabbimq的监听端口, the default is [5672]. Disk_free_limit     1.0}, which is associated with memory 1:1, can also be customized to how many Byte.vm_memory_high_watermark    # Set the memory low watermark, if lower than the watermark, turn on the flow control mechanism, the default value is 0. 4, that is, the total amount of memory 40%. Hipe_compile     #将部分rabbimq代码用High Performance Erlang compiler is compiled to improve performance, this parameter is experimental and should be switched off in the presence of Erlang VM Segfaults. Force_fine_statistics    #该参数属于rabbimq_management, if true, performs fine-grained statistics, but can affect performance. Frame_max     #包大小, if the packet is small and low latency, if the packet is high throughput, the default is 131072=128K. Heartbeat     #客户端与服务端心跳间隔, set to 0 to turn off the heartbeat, which is 600 seconds by default. 
More parameter reference: Http://www.rabbitmq.com/configure.html#configuration-file

RABBITMQ configuration file

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