Rails: Identify a city by IP Address

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1. For rails, the mainstream method should be to use the Google library plug-in geoip

GitHub address: https://github.com/simplificator/geoip


Require 'geoip' geoip. new ('geolitecity. dat '). country ('www. atlanta. SK ') => ["www. atlanta. SK "," "," SK "," SVK "," Slovakia "," EU "," 02 "," Bratislava "," ", 48.15, 17.1167, nil, nil, "Europe/Bratislava"] returned values are the requested hostname, the IP address as a dotted quad, maxmind's country code, the ISO3166-1 country code, the ISO3166-2 country code, the iso00006 country name, and the continent code. geoip. new ('geocity. dat '). city ('github. com ') => ["github.com", "", "us", "USA", "United States", "Na", "ca", "San Francisco ", "94110", 37.7484,-122.4156, 807,415, "America/los_angeles"] returned values are the country values followed by region or State name, city name, postal_code/zipcode, latitude, longpolling, usa dma code, USA area code, timezone name. sorry it's not a hash... historical. geoip. new ('geoipasnum. dat '). asn ("www.fsb.ru") => ["as8342", "rtcomm. ru Autonomous System "]


2. Another geo_ip

Before using it, you need to register a user in the http://ipinfodb.com/and get your own key when activating it. You need to use your own key to access the interface of the website.

GitHub address: https://github.com/jeroenj/geo_ip

# = Google. be (US) geoip. geolocation ('2017. 85.227.104 ') # returns: {: Status => "OK",: IP => "": country_code => "us",: country_name => "United States ",: region_code => "06",: region_name => "California",: City => "Mountain View",: zip_postal_code => "94043",: latitude => "37.4192 ",: longpolling => "-122.057 "}


Geokit (http://geokit.rubyforge.org/) is a geographic tool, such as determining the city and distance based on latitude and longitude, can be combined with geo_ip for geographic analysis

# Find near latitude and longpolling: store. find (: All,: Origin => [37.792,-122.393],: Within => 10) # Find near an address: store. find (: All,: Origin => '1970 spear St, San Francisco, ca',: Within => 10) # order by distance from the center of a zipcode: store. find (: All,: Origin => '20140901',: Within => 10,: Order => 'distance ASC ') # combine distance conditions with regular conditions store. find (: All,: Origin => '20140901',: Within => 10,: conditions = >{: store_type => 'cafe '})


3. querying the network IP address API

In this way, the IP database is updated quickly. There are several common libraries, such as Google.

XML processing pages can be completely replaced by specialized processing tools such as nokogiri.

Many APIs provide IP address query, such as Netease:

1. http://www.youdao.com/smartresult-xml/search.s? Type = IP & Q = IP Address

2. http://ip2loc.appspot.com/# contains detailed examples, but the gwf address may not be resolved

3. Sina IP address query interface: http://int.dpool.sina.com.cn/iplookup/iplookup.php? Format = JS

4. Sina multi-region Test method: http://int.dpool.sina.com.cn/iplookup/iplookup.php? Format = JS & IP =

# This is comprehensive, but some IP addresses are not resolved correctly. Do not update a database ....

5. Sohu IP address query interface (default GBK): http://pv.sohu.com/cityjson

6. Sohu IP address query interface (can be set encoding): http://pv.sohu.com/cityjson? Ie = UTF-8

7. Sohu another IP address query interface: http://txt.go.sohu.com/ip/soip



Require "open-Uri" require 'rubygems 'require 'json' # If a GET request parameter is included in the URI address, uri = 'HTTP: // int.dpool.sina.com.cn/iplookup/iplookup.php? Format = JSON & IP = 'response = nilopen (URI) Do | HTTP | response = http. readend # response = iconv. conv ("gb2312", "UTF-8", response) @ res = JSON: parse (response) P @ res

Reference: http://hlee.iteye.com/blog/745533

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