Rancher Labs receives $20 million B-round financing, CEO Liang Sheng as co-CTO of Cloud capacity

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May 10, Rancher Labs wins B $20 million financing, founder and CEO Liang Sheng announced Nino joint CTO, Cloud Network and Rancher Labs Strategic Alliance formally formed. (Note: There are PTZ for the Cloud Shu network brand, professional for customers to build container cloud and provide related services. )

As early as 2015, Shenzhen Network Technology Co., Ltd. (PTZ) and rancher labs in Shenzhen signed the "Hyper-converged & container Cloud Platform Strategic Cooperation Agreement", has PTZ as rancher Labs global strategic partner, will assist rancher in the implementation of landing services in China. Today, rancher Labs CEO Liang Sheng is the co-CTO of the Cloud, a sign of the formal formation of strategic alliances between the two sides, which brings the gospel to the landing of Docker containers in Chinese enterprises.

With PTZ as the industry leader in building container clouds and providing container services for businesses, the application is packaged with advanced container technology, allowing applications to seamlessly migrate between various infrastructures while providing a variety of infrastructure. Its in Shenzhen, the United States Silicon Valley has two major research and development centers, under the Silicon Valley, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other major operating agencies.

PTZ CEO Liu Xiaoning said: "We focus on helping enterprise-level users to easily deal with the problems and challenges of container technology, providing consulting, planning, program, deployment, implementation, training and other integrated services, all-round support Docker in the enterprise landing.

Rancher, a Docker technology leader, received $10 million in a round of financing last year, with a second round of $20 million and a short one-year total financing of $30 million, as evidenced by its potential. Rancher Labs provides the world with all the necessary technology to run containers in a production environment, while providing a minimalist version of the operating system Rancheros, while its Rancher platform can orchestrate Dockers into any infrastructure environment. It is learnt that in the choice of container orchestration and scheduling manufacturers, Rancher is the only container management platform that can support Swarm and Kubernetes at the same time on the market today.

The first cooperation between the two sides has reached an agreement with PTZ as the rancher global strategic partner. It is reported that the cloud has the domestic leading Docker container technology delivery team and innovative ideas, this is the basis for cooperation between the two sides. At present, the company team members from Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Citrix, Huawei, Tencent and other major hardware and software and internet companies, in the container and applications, high-performance computing, networking, storage and other fields have a wealth of independent research and development and solution implementation experience. In the enterprise delivery they are known as the current rancher China's strongest service implementation team, now rancher Labs CEO Liang Sheng as the joint CTO of Cloud capacity, jointly launched in line with the actual production environment of Chinese enterprises have cloud products and solutions, Deploy China's Docker container cloud market together. This cooperation for both sides to create a win situation, but also for the follow-up of more in-depth cooperation laid the foundation.

Rancher Labs co-founder and joint CTO Liang Sheng

Dr. Liang Sheng, founder and co-CTO of Rancher Labs, a Silicon Valley-based company known as Technology Dreamer, said: Docker technology is not just about orchestration or development issues, it is the problem of landing in actual production. Over the past 3 years, Docker container technology has been adopted by many developers and DevOps teams, and container technology is being used extensively in production environments, but this is only the beginning. The direction of our research is how to bring high-quality, low-cost, easy-to-maintain integrated interactive solutions to the production environment. (Note: Cloud.com, who was acquired by Citrix for $230 million, is being created by Dr. Leung, who is the chief technology officer of Citrix until rancher Labs was founded.) )

Although container technology is young, almost everyone who has used it believes that it will lead to the development of it in the future. Containers are the next generation of virtualization technologies, but more lightweight and more cloud-friendly than today's virtualization. "I believe a lot of people will voluntarily want to use it after they see Docker," says Dr Leung. "The data show that 2/3 of companies have finally used it after trying out docker." For companies that want to significantly increase productivity by deploying Docker in production, it is more about how to safely and efficiently use containers and how to solve a range of problems encountered during implementation. And all this, believe that after choosing rancher and having cloud, you will find the answer.

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