Raspberry Pi Play Video player Omxplayer

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Omxplyer is a GPU hardware-accelerated player tailored to the Raspberry Pi, which solves the shortcomings of the Raspberry Pi CPU's lack of computing power. (CPU must not be hot when playing)

1. Installation Method:

CTRL + ALT + T bring up terminal command line input

sudo apt-get Install Omxplayer

Wait a few seconds for installation to complete ...

2. How to use:

Enter directly into the terminal


-O HDMI for audio and video playback directly via HDMI

The path to the video file is back.

3. How to operate the player:

Press the left and right arrows to fast forward or backward

Press Q to exit

Press Z to display information

Press 1 to slow down
Press 2 to accelerate

Space pause

+-Adjust Volume

Just enough of these features, if you need more powerful self-baidu ...

Note: It is best not to set a custom opener shortcut, which will cause the operation of the various functions of the player is invalid, once the use of the custom program to play only after the end of the entire video playback will not exit, Midway is unable to exit the player, and can not stop playing video.

Raspberry Pi Play Video player Omxplayer

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