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A Raspberry Pi configuration

2 Raspberry Pi (raspberry) enable root account

The Linux used by the Raspberry Pi is the Debian system, so the Raspberry Pi enable root and Debian are the same. The root account in Debian does not have a default password, but the account is locked.
When Root is required, the default account is executed via sudo, and the Raspbian Default user in the Raspberry Pi system is the pi password of Raspberry.

Re-open the root account, can be logged by the Pi user, the command line execution

sudo passwd root

After executing this command, you will be prompted to enter the root password two times, enter the password you want to set, and then perform the

sudo passwd--unlock root

This will allow you to unlock the root account. Use SU root to switch to the root account.

3 Raspberry Pi Wireless Card configuration

By configuring the/etc/network/interfaces file implementation

sudo nano/etc/network/interfaces

The contents of the modified file are as follows:

Auto loiface lo inet loopbackiface eth0 inet dhcpauto wlan0allow-hotplug wlan0iface wlan0 inet dhcpwpa-< C2>ssid "Your WiFi name" WPA-PSK "Your WiFi password"

The specific line configuration means the following:

// indicates the use of localhost // If there is a network card ech0, then use DHCP to obtain the IP address (this network card is the local network card, not the WiFi network card) // indicates that if there is a WLAN device, use the WLAN0 device name // indicates that the WLAN device can be hot-swappable // If you have a WLAN NIC Wlan0 (which is the WiFi network card), use DHCP to obtain the IP address wpa-ssid "Your WiFi name"// indicates the connection SSID name WPA-PSK " Your WiFi password "// means when connecting WiFi network, using WPA-PSK authentication, authentication password

After the above definition, if there is a network cable connection, then take the DHCP automatic connection to obtain the address, using the command

sudo/etc/init.d/networking restart

or use the following command

After success, you can see the wlan0 device with the ifconfig command and have an IP address.

Update the source test, wired or wireless network connection through, we later on the software update is, we need to first update the list of updates, execute the following command:

sudo apt-get update

Go to the Configuration menu

If the current Raspberry Pi is already logged into the Graphics desktop system, open the terminal and enter the configuration menu.

sudo raspi-config

Raspberry Pi Study

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