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The original of the raspberry Pie (Raspberry Pi) is not supported in Chinese and needs to be installed

After startx, use Midori browser to browse Web pages
Browse www.baidu.com, a bunch of garbled

Install Chinese display Support

The first step is to update the terminal first:
sudo apt-get update

Step Two: Install Chinese fonts for our Debian system:
sudo apt-get install Ttf-wqy-microhei

Step three: We can change the menu interface in the system and turn it into Chinese, and the instruction is:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

We use the space bar to check the front with "ZHCN" option, these representations are Chinese font.
But make sure "**zhcn.utf-8" is selected, and select "ZH_CN" when selecting the local font. utf-8** "

Browse Www.baidu.com,OK again.

Installation of Chinese Input method
There are two options: Fcitx or SCIM, the FCITX is easy to use, the same as Windows operating habits.

Install FCITX
sudo apt-get install FCITX

Install fcitx wubi Pinyin (this handy, wubi and pinyin can be mixed use, and the same as pole Wubi)

sudo apt-get install fcitx-tables-wbpy

Installation complete, need to log off and restart X Win

Install SCIM

The first step is to start the SCIM installation:
sudo apt-get install SCIM
After downloading the file will be self-installation and decompression, if you encounter let the user choose Y or N, select Y and press ENTER.

Step Two: Install the Chinese SCIM form:
sudo apt-get install Scim-tables-zh

Step three: Install Chinese pinyin:
sudo apt-get install Scim-pinyin

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