Read "5 minutes to make strangers a friend"

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One article starts every day .. Don't be afraid. If you want to come back, don't be afraid of delay.


The difference between a person is that he can write a plan and execute it according to the plan.


Blog posts written at pm ~~


Why should I read this book?


-_-| It is a good book to improve my social skills!

Unfortunately, I just want to say .. The author is from abroad ..


Well, the summary is as follows:

1. Action language. Touch rule.

2. conversation skills

Over 2.1 compliments

2.2 When posting your own opinions, I agree with each other's opinions. After all, everyone is watching something and everyone has their own opinions.

2.3 don't tangle with whether you win or lose. I think this makes sense, because to convince others, at least you have to prove it in mathematics and prove it in words.

More than 2.4 followers of other people's belongings, which is the key to your topic

2.5 if you want to know others and first disclose your information, others will be happy to answer you.

2.6 do not be afraid of rejection in 2.5, because this is very common

2.7. Later I added it.

3. The next book may be

The top of the waves, a really nice it history book


Read "5 minutes to make strangers a friend"

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