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After receiving the book "App Store wins: money secret developed by Apple" sent by CSDN, we probably read most of the content. There are still many gains.


The full name of this book is: <the Art of The App Store: The Business of Apple Development>. The translation behind the title is interesting: money-making secrets. I personally feel that the translation is not accurate and understandable. These words are very eye-catching. "Making money" and "confidential" are all very popular words for Chinese people, it seems that some high people secretly tell you the secret and inside story of the stock transaction, making people boil. In fact, the book is about Business.

The quality of the book is not mentioned in paper, it is good, the game cases inside are all printed in color, up to the price of this book. But the book width is a little narrow, because the paper quality is good, I have to hold down the book two hands to see the content inside. This "User Experience" is not great. Book content

It is not my habit to follow the book catalog. I will talk about this book that impressed me a lot. If you are interested in the directory, the connection and directory are provided here.

Hero's invention syndrome

The "Hero invention syndrome" mentioned in the second chapter is very interesting. It probably means that everyone is dreaming about developing a game together and thinking about the impact of the game on the top. Let's work out the design framework together, determine development plans and milestones. All these efforts are made to make a great product and a great game. In normal working days, everyone is focused on making efforts as planned. However, at the end of the weekend, some of them felt that their minds were shining brightly, and they had a golden idea, and they hoped that the idea could be realized immediately. So next week, we all postponed our work last week. In this way, the personnel of a new project may not be well matched. The original hard-to-Customize plan has become a bubble.

When we work together, we will also share our experiences: "Have you ever played XXX? If we add this idea... "when talking, everyone in the team feels that" Qian tu "is bright. But the reality is that there is no land to use. Think about everyone. This is a trap that many development teams can easily step into-constantly pursuing innovation and imagination, but never taking practical actions. Let's look back at the situation. This is the case when you develop your own products or products that you can develop with your own ideas.

The cost of game development the cost of game development is very high, which is listed here. But what financial resources do we usually have. Only companies specializing in game development can start.

Basic Cost:

  1. Programming and development
  2. Game/Application Design UI/UX
  3. Artist Design

Optional costs:

  1. Audio cost
  2. Special effect cost
  3. Localization for foreign markets
  4. Quality assurance/Testing
  5. Public relations and marketing
  6. Ad cost
Vulnerabilities in the market can be searched in the App store. This may be an opportunity for some applications that everyone prefers but do not appear. I personally think this is a good suggestion for individual developers. Many others are the content of High-level building, which is not easy for ordinary individual developers to practice. Most of the content in the Content summary book is professional: including, from researching the market, to understanding the customer's mind, from development planning, use agile development to list and summarize some development principles (such as multi-task, half-second window, and integration with the real world), how to operate value-added services for free applications, and how to price paid applications. These are all to be carefully read and practiced. Application sales and ranking books are sent to the last appendix to discover some good things. People who think they are good may not bother to know. That is why some online websites know ourselves, know ourselves, and know each other. First, you must understand the situation of others. Application sales and ranking analysis websites: AppAnnie: Http:// this connection can look at our China Real-time application ranking, of course there are many other analysis. As you can see, plants and zombies started to be exempted yesterday, and today they ran to the first place in the free zone. A great game. Applyzer:

Finally, I quoted a famous saying: I have to come to the end of the paper and never know how to do this.

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