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The book comes from a world-class designer. Complex design principles in the book condensed into intimacy, alignment, repetition and contrast 4 basic principles. The author, with its concise and lively style, presents the 4 basic principles and the principles behind which the excellent design must follow. This book contains a large number of examples to help you understand how to design beautiful and informative products in your own way.

This book is intended for readers of all walks of life who need to work in design and also for experienced designers. Friends who need to learn can download the PDF version via the Web disk

about the author

Robin Williams is a world-renowned designer, technical expert and best-selling writer. By writing books and lectures, she has influenced an entire generation of digital designers. At the same time, as an idol-level expert in the Adobe and Mac technology community, she has a large number of advocates. She is a columnist for magazines such as Publish Magazine, Adobe Magazine, and a member of the Advisory Board of important events and organizations in the industry such as Macworld Expo, as well as the Santa Fe Film Art Institute. In addition to this book, she also has dozens of best-selling books and winning books, including the Non-designer's Web book, Robin williamsdesign Workshop, Thelittlemacbook and so on. Some books have been translated into 15 kinds of words, which have a worldwide impact.

When I went to school to test a lazy memory method, regardless of mathematics, language, geography, history of any subject, usually encountered in the blanks or ask questions, I take the answer in the mind of a few key words the most important word, and then topsy-turvy the game, turn it into a phrase I can remember, Then the word magically with the words of other topics to form a story (a bit like once upon a Time card play), but its shortcomings is to remember quickly forget, I once woven a wonderful little story with graduation and ashes.

Today, the reason for thinking about this is from the "book for everyone to read", repeatedly elaborated the most important 4 design principles of "Intimacy, alignment, repetition, contrast", in foreign countries were précis-writers as vulgar "CRAP" (contrast, repetition, alignment, Proximity) principles. In China there is no way to précis-writers, my brain began to play with the word game-"pro, QI, weight, than" four words are more key words, and then upside down, can be turned into "relative gravity." Just now still in the new year, imagine this scene: Eve night, relatives from all the city rushing home, finally gathered in the old grandfather's home lively celebration, Grandpa Touch This child's head thumbs up "and long high", ask the second son in the work is not happy Ah, and then, Trembling trembling to take out a weight scale and yellowing of the book, said: "Come, you all weigh, see if it is fat", the children and their parents in turn to stand on weight, compared to each other's weight, side of the grandfather in the design of the very good book, seriously record everyone's weight ... This is called "relative (body) weight"!

However, play after the word game can not, there is no test, you need to understand, remember and apply this principle!

My biggest feeling about reading this book is this: although I've known the principle of relative gravity, I don't know how much change it can make. Before reading this book I only know the principle of the epidermis, until read the book, after reading the application of this principle modified before and after the design comparison, I understand the "relative gravity" of this principle.

Please forgive me to say a few words about the author of this book here, Robin Williams, the author Robin Williams, is not the humorous genius who starred in too many comedy movies, but on the contrary, she has a bumpy life as a 3-child unmarried mother. She was born in the 50 's in the United States, after graduating from high school, she worked as a hospital, worked as a waiter on a ship, had a job on a farm in Israel, and received a veterinary license. The most regrettable thing in life is her bad marriage, 2 failed marriages, 3 children, abandoned by her husband, without any financial assistance from her husband. She had to raise the three children alone, and for a complete family life, she and her children used cardboard to make Christmas trees, steal toilet paper from public toilets, learn 50 ways to cook beans and so on. Imagine how sad it is to be in a pinch. But she has amazing learning ability, in order to support the family, every day part-time work more than one job, until the children grow up. In the late 70, when he changed his major to graphic design, she first came into contact with the design and fell in love with it all at once.

The Non-designer ' Sxxbook is a series of books she has written to non-designers (other including type, Scan and Print, Web), each with a good review and many reprints. "The Design book for Everyone" is the first book in this series, the first edition was published in January 1994, the 3rd edition was published in February 2008, and the Chinese translation is the third edition.

Perhaps because the author has a wealth of teaching experience, know non-designers in the face of the design of the helpless, so her book examples are easy to understand, enrich and interesting. Although I do not often design now, but almost every day to write e-mails, presentation slides, or for their own team to do a propaganda banner, every job can not be separated from the design-the challenge is to control the transmission of what kind of information.

Don't think that you just have to write the content out, that's just a statement. "Not designed" as if it were a boring CPPCC meeting, the listeners below were drowsy. "After Design" is like the speech of Steve Jobs, the audience will listen with relish. Even with the same content, a good speaker would consider: who my audience is, what is the most important message I have to convey, how to mobilize the emotions of the audience ...

Similarly, through the "relative gravity" principle, you should also think in design: which are related items, where the alignment is clear, what information is strongly conveyed, and whether my entire work is consistent. Remember the author's advice: Don't flinch! Make a bold attempt to improve your visual sensitivity by practicing constantly, and if you read this book, you can't help but start to design your resume or business card, and that's what the author wrote.

Do not think that only designers need to understand the design, everyone must understand the design. At the same time, I have a lot of excellent web designers, I would like to urge all the designers: "I tasted all day and thought, as a moment of learning also, I tasted go and hope, as the ascent of the Bo see also", usually for other excellent design accumulation can not be tired, but also to accumulate their own material, record their design of repeated changes It is not difficult to write a Chinese original, easy-to-understand design book for everyone to read!

Catalog ...The first part of the design principles
1 Joshua Tree
4 major Principles
2 Intimate Sex
A summary of intimacy
Fundamental purpose
How to Achieve
The problem to avoid
3 alignment
Align Summary
Fundamental purpose
How to Achieve
The problem to avoid
4 repetition
Repeating summary
Fundamental purpose
How to Achieve
The problem to avoid
5 contrast
Comparison summary
Fundamental purpose
How to Achieve
The problem to avoid
6 Review
Intimate Sex
Snap To
Quiz # #: Design principles
Quiz #: Redesign your ads
7 Color Application
A remarkable color wheel
Color relationships
Tri-color Group
Split complementary tri-color Group
Similar colors
Dark colors and bright colors
Build your own dark and bright colors
Combination of dark and bright colors
Attention to color quality
Warm colors and cool colors
How to choose
CMYK and RGB, printing and web
8 More tips and tricks
Create a wrapper
Business Card
Tips for designing Business cards
Font size
Create consistent images that are common to business cards, stationery, and envelopes
Letterhead and envelopes
Tips for designing stationery and envelopes
Envelope specifications
Create a center point
Snap To
Second page
Fax and photocopying
Tips for designing Flyers
Create a center point
Use a contrasting sub-heading
Snap To
Press briefings
Tips for designing a newsletter
Snap To
Paragraph indent
Do not use Helvetica
The body should be readable
Tips on designing Brochures
Snap To
Intimate Sex
Tips for designing Postcards
What's the point?
Attract attention
Newspaper advertisement
Tips for designing newspaper ads
Font selection
Anti-color text
Tips for designing a Web page
Part Two font design
9 fonts (with life)
10 Font Categories
Slab serif
Sans serif
Make a conscious effort to do
Quiz # # #: Font categories
Quiz # #: Coarse/Fine transitions
Quiz # #: Cut Line
11 Font Comparison
Combine multiple comparisons
Quiz: Contrast or conflict
Quiz # # #: Can do and not do
Combining a variety of contrasting exercises
Part III Other
12 Have you mastered it?
All right--redesign!
13 Quiz Answers
14 The font used in the book
Mini Glossary

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Read the Design Book (3rd edition) PDF download Full HD Scan Original

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