Read the first chapter of "Boulevard to Jane"

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Today read the greatlypraised teacher's "Boulevard to Jane", feel like the opening of the world of programming another layer of veil, the understanding of programming more clearly.

The title of the first chapter of "Boulevard to Jane" is the fine meaning of programming, in which the author and his streamlining tell us about the programming thing. The author first introduced the concept of programming with Yugong Yishan, and Yugong Yishan This matter was deeply analyzed by the author, divided into the original needs of the production, the basic way of project communication, to establish a project objectives, there is an orderly, achievable technical solutions, three technical staff and a business management personnel, There is also a foreign association. And these are the general outline of the whole project. It then leads to the fundamental programming: order, branching, and looping. No matter how large the project can be achieved by such simple programming. And this is the precise meaning of programming.

In the second section, the author describes "a problem that will or will not write a program." The author's answer to this question is simple: "In addition to the innate mental retardation or the day after tomorrow, you can learn to write a program." After that, the author explains the need to get up after waking up, so you can start programming as long as you are clear about what you need to do when you get up. Even if you have an emergency that is similar to being sick, unable to act, and unexpected, you can skip the day and you can start developing to the designer. Because you already have a basic quality that ordinary people don't have: a compromise. Through these simple things, the author tells us that everyone can learn to program well!

In the third section, the author explains the program: program = algorithm + structure. Programming, as a behavior, only needs to know its logical method. And the first task of programming is to first analyze things clearly, the logical sequence of events and dependencies to clear, and then go to code implementation. In the "program = algorithm + structure" formula, the code does not exist, there is only thought. The algorithm is a description of the logical implementation of a program, and the structure is the data entity that the logical implementation relies on. Of all the algorithm descriptions, there are only three execution logic: order, branching, and looping. Simple as sequential tables, complex as trees, graphs, their algorithms are described by the above three kinds of execution logic.

The fourth section is about language. The author suggests that when you become familiar with a language, you will find that the programming language only likes and dislikes problems, and there is no question of whether or not. In any language, their underlying libraries are similar, and their APIs are so dependent on the operating system. But the difference of language mainly manifests in the scope of application. So language is only used if there is a problem, and no language is better differentiated.

The fifth section describes the importance of the project, if there is no project, the program is only the programmer mastered a language, understand some of life's most common logic, using the program to think and learn some algorithms, and based on previous experience, these algorithms run on some data structures, and then this is their program.

Through the first chapter of the reading, the author will be programming this ordinary people seem to be extremely complex things infinitely simplified, let a person more intuitive understanding of the program, and for beginners, through this chapter of reading, you can hold the focus of learning later.

Read the first chapter of "Boulevard to Jane"

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