Reading Notes on ERP starting from internal integration -- Chapter 1 How garthner proposed ERP 1.4 internal integration and MRP II

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ERP 1.4Internal integration and MRP II


GartnerThe internal integration includes three aspects: product R & D, core business and data collection integration. As described in mrp ii, only information integration of core internal services is realized.

The so-called core business usually refers to the marketing (including understanding customer needs), manufacturing, procurement, shipping and finance services of a dominant enterprise, it also implements and tracks the main business processes of materials and funds. In this example, "manufacturing planning and control" is the nerve hub that coordinates core business operations.


The mrp ii Standards list the basic skills of mrp ii in the following 16 aspects:

1.Sales and Operation Plan

2.Demand management

3.Main production plan and final assembly plan

4.Material demand plan

5.Material List Subsystem

6.Inventory transaction processing subsystem

7.Planned receiving QUANTUM SYSTEM

8.Scheduling, dispatching and control of Workshop operations

9.Capability Requirement Plan

10.Investment/output workload Control

11.Supplier planning and procurement operations

12.Distribution Resource plan

13.Tool plan and management

14.Financial plan page


16.Performance Evaluation

This content is also the main content of ERP internal integration, covering the main core business of enterprise internal management. Although MRPII has many imperfections, it covers all core business in the manufacturing industry that focuses on sales-production-supply planning and control and finance.

MRP IISoftware Products focus on setting subsystems according to functions, while ERP products focus on designing subsystems in the order of business processesProgramAnd subsystems. After a job is processed, the system automatically prompts the next job to be performed. The order of the links can be adjusted according to the process changes, it can adapt to the requirements of enterprise business process reengineering. This is a significant difference between ERP and mrp ii systems and is a major improvement. Therefore, we should optimize the business process to understand the significance of enterprise information management.

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