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Recently, I spent some time reading the book, which is a good book, but some of it is not very recognized. I will talk about it here, some of my views.

1. Team Management

In my first company, I also had the honor to lead a group development project. Although the group is not big and there are only four people, I personally think it is small and dirty. Although some individuals have multiple roles, the overall responsibilities are still clear. Therefore, although the time is poor, I still have some opinions on team management.

As a manager, either technical or non-technical, it is very important to take responsibility, that is, we must be able to take responsibility.! This is also the most important point for the team leader. Do not blame subordinates for anything.You did it, and I took it for you.! "This determination. When the project fails, you should first review yourself, instead of criticizing what mistakes your subordinates have made. After all, you are a team manager. If something goes wrong, you have the greatest responsibility. You have arranged your work and selected your team. We can tell the developer where he is wrong! But don't blame him for the failure. Remember,If the project succeeds, it is the success of all of us. If the project fails, I am the biggest sin.!

In fact, it is a conventional principle, but with the increase of age, it seems that more and more afraid of the responsibility to bear.

Systems should be organized closely. A forming enterprise must have an organizational structure. This structure corresponds to the Technical Department, which may be a R & D group, development group, maintenance group, and test group. Each organization, we should establish an appropriate system that meets two characteristics:Humanization and fairness. For example, we will not discuss the special standards. For general enterprises, testing is not carried out at the same time as development. Instead, testing is usually performed first and then testing, this means that the test is later than the development work time, and it also means that the off-duty time is late. At this time, it is unreasonable to specify that the test should be performed with the members of the development team from 9 to 5, whether in terms of their living habits or the efficiency of the company's use, this is not good. This is humane. Fairness is what we call it. Wang Zijian commits crimes in the same way as common people. "Special Handling in special cases ", which should be absolutely eliminated in team management.What is special? Who defines this special case? This will inevitably lead to class conflicts.

2. Establish a reasonable organization

Almost no one in the world is a treasure, just like the one who is the first in the field of foreign political science and history. That is to say, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Zhou aimin mentioned in his book:"Manage it! = Bo Le". I have deep doubts about this point of view. Maybe my understanding of bole is different from what he understands, but in my opinion,As a manager, you must be qualified to make good use of people.. During the Three Kingdoms period, Liu huangshu commented on Zhuge Liang and said: this person cannot be reused. Zhuge Liang, however, uses the town-guard Street Pavilion. This is the difference between Shuai CAI and others.

In some enterprises, although they have become a form of rotation. However, it is the most stupid way to mine talents. Let everyone try a variety of positions and find the most suitable position (of course, the "rotation" mentioned here is not a rotation of many enterprises, from development to sales ). However, for enterprises that hate multiple companies, such a price is what they cannot afford. Therefore, managers must make good use of people and put everyone in their most appropriate position, let him play his most appropriate role.

In an organization, everyone should have their own roles. I mentioned four of my small teams in my first company. I will give them different positions based on my hobbies and my understanding of their technical skills.

I am not sociable, so I foundPeople with certain industry experience, but generally technical personnel a will investigate the needs and summarize the needs. The outside world is completely isolated from the other three of us., We can ensure that our development will not be affected by the outside world, because all communication is completed by a and then passed to the three of us.In fact, this talent is a real project manager. Therefore, my positioning for the project manager is: Communication + business-oriented, supplemented by technology.

I and another person B are responsible for compiling core BLL and common, which involves business logic and some complicated technical points. We will concentrate on solving this problem. We design each class, the design of each module is discussed by two of us, and then discussed by four people. In addition to this work, I will also be responsible for some code review and some technical points selection, and then directly report to the technical director.I positioned myself as a "development manager ". B, I position it as the "core"ProgramMember ".

For the OA industry, a large number of database operations, stored procedures, and other compilation will be involved. Here I threw all these jobs to programmer C. You may not consider the upper-layer business, but you must concentrate on writing SQL, then return the results we need at the business logic layer.Let's call c a simple DBA..

In this organizational structure, everyone has their own clear division of labor. No, in a team, a project manager leads three programmers, these three programmers have no specific role positioning, and such an organization is a failed organization. When a problem occurs in a team, I know who can help me solve the problem,The team needs all talent, but if everyone is all talented, the team will never succeed..

In my opinion, for a small team, there is no job title or role title. The project manager is not greater than a programmer, but is not a programmer. Managers are not added for management, but for coordination. They are not for "management" teams, but for better operation of the entire team. This is the core of the team role.

In his book, I agree with the following:

The project manager should focus on reducing the communication between development roles and other departments among team members. Quality departments, document and training departments, and customer service departments should be mainly composed of dedicated personnel. Although developers can do this, these are often the least they are good, the least expected role.

3. Keep in mind the viewer

"Decentralization" is the most frequently heard sentence in management courses.

WhileMy summary here is "the viewer is clear ". In my opinion, this is where the greatest value of decentralization lies..

In his book, Zhou aimin compares developers to a group of ant Financial. Managers can follow ant financial to any place, but there is a place that absolutely cannot go. This place is the ant financial cave.If you are out of the cave, you can find problems. If you are in the cave, you can only be a regular ant..

Here, I do not agree with Zhou aimin's opinion. In my opinion, as a good team manager:

On the one hand,You need to look at the problem from the team's perspective.I am the person in charge of the team, and I represent the interests of the team, not any external interests. Imagine what a team's Development Department Manager will look like if he is clamoring for useless technology all day.

On the other hand,You have to stand on the whole to see the problem. Always remember that you are a name manager, not a developer. Developers may be concerned. If this method is optimized for 0.01 seconds, it should not be a concern of your managers. What you grasp is only the macro direction, the project manager should only control the requirements and grasp the project progress. The development manager should grasp the general direction of technology and focus on the overall macro design of the project.

Here, I will summarizeProper decentralization can broaden your horizons.



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