Real estate sales understand the root cause of unbilling, so that you can break through the bottleneck and crack the signatures!

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There are a lot of agents in this market who feel distressed because they are busy on the streets all day, their clothes are wet and dry, and they are wet and dry, however, the strange thing is that there is not much money into the account, and the performance increases because of your own sweat. Even if you cannot solve it, you have to be busy every day. This is so busy that you cannot see hope, but you are exhausted. So what makes it impossible for you to open a bill? See the following analysis.

I. Delayed handling, low work efficiency, and insufficient execution!

Basically, latency is a way of escaping from "not willing to face it". It is like knowing that you want to pay back the money to others, but it will not be paid back until the last day, because I don't want to face the fact that money needs to be pulled out of my pocket. Summer homework is always completed on the last day, because I don't want to face the annoying fact of my homework. We should drag and drop the customer's phone number, because we don't want to face possible denial, complaints from the customer, or what the customer says directly: I don't need it!

Whether to call or not, the struggling time is a waste of several minutes. When we arrive at the customer's door, we have to go in and visit, but the struggling time is a waste of several minutes. Call this phone tomorrow! Visit this customer tomorrow! At last, it was just a waste of several minutes, and it was just a waste of several days!

Hesitating, struggling, and unwilling to face the delay, delaying the time, wealth will quietly leave your side with the passage of time!

2. Insufficient preparation for the visit, failing to grasp the real needs of the customer

Each customer's visit should be planned to prepare for the success of sales, not as long as there is a visit there will be a chance, such a visit will only increase the chance of setbacks, in this situation, your setbacks often come from your improper preparation, not from the customer!

Ask yourself whether each customer visit is one step closer to or far from the customer. If you are not prepared, the customer will not feel your intention, I don't know the theme of your visit. Why do customers spend time talking to you? So check how many of your daily work is meaningless.

Have the customer made an appointment and confirmed the time before the visit?

Is the materials ready? Nothing is a waste of time for you and your customers?

What is the purpose of this visit? What customer information are collected? Who is the main target?

Whether the visited area is well planned, and the time should be spent on communicating with the customer rather than on transportation.

Remember, it's not as long as you have a job that will have an effect, but with your head blindfolded, it's also a clear, clear job, it's also a job, the more meaningless the visit, the more efficient the multi-task work will be, successful sales come from every key point. Have you mastered it?

3. Insufficient understanding of real estate expertise and information about the residential areas in the business area

I often have access to some brokers who are not prepared for their professional knowledge beforehand. These agents are not only unable to respond to questions, but also have no major skills to answer questions, these professional real estate knowledge and market knowledge are the bridges between customers and you, and this sense of trust is the best weapon to make full use of work efficiency.

Customers who ask questions are often people who are interested in the product. Only by satisfying the consumption security of these people can the transaction be concluded. The more professional you are, the more time you can consider for the customer. The opposite transaction time will be long, and even the transaction cannot be completed after a large amount of time, therefore, if you are not prepared for this knowledge, it is better not to waste your time and customer time.

4. Poor working status due to physical and mental exhaustion, resulting in poor mood and poor service attitude

A broker without vigor will not have a good start every day, because vigor and enthusiasm are a super lubricant in the pleasant interview process, therefore, whether a person has good living habits directly affects his or her work efficiency.

A tired body may cause inattention, worse response, no eye, poor color, yawning, and bad breath. These will be left unrespected in the eyes of customers, very poor impression. Therefore, while paying attention to your performance, you should also pay more attention to your health conditions, cultivate good habits, and take full rest.

If you spend 24 hours a day to make money, you need to spend money. How can you improve your time usage efficiency to achieve your goal, do not let time flow without any trace. So from now on, I will take these time thieves who have stolen our time one by one and give them the heaviest trials, let him disappear for life!

Real estate sales understand the root cause of unbilling, so that you can break through the bottleneck and crack the signatures!

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