"Real-Life Test report interpretation" Player feedback bug Analysis

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Testbird Real-Life report added a new player feedback bug analysis, a live supplement to automated compatibility testing. This plate consists of three parts, which are the bug severity classification view, the specific bug list, the Hand Tour Test manager recommended three aspects. Today we will introduce three aspects in detail!

Bug Severity Category View

In order for developers to clearly see the distribution of various types of bugs, Testbird reports provide a classified view of the severity of the bug. An attempt was made to divide the severity of the bug into deadly, severe, normal, slightly four levels and presented as a pie chart. Simple and straightforward, so developers understand the game's bug profile.

Specific bug list

Understanding the facts does not solve the actual problem, the developer needs more detailed bug information. Click on the "Bug list" below the pie view to jump to the detailed bug list, where each bug description and player and device information are stored in the list. With this information, developers will be more convenient to locate bugs.

Test Manager recommendations

The Test Manager will provide analysis statistics for the developer in the report based on the testing report data, which will be integrated into the Test manager's recommendations, and if there are more compatibility issues found in the tested game, the hands-on test manager would also recommend that the developer further use the compatibility test to adapt the game to a model.

"Real-Life Test report interpretation" Player feedback bug Analysis

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