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Professor Li is strictly differentiating the concepts of a foreign language and a second language, but his motivation lies in denying the purpose and
In contrast, it defended the foreign language "Learning" and "Teaching", and lowered the serious theory of second language recognition to "fashionable ".
Fur ". Apart from blindly denying the results of worldwide linguistic research, what's more important is that
Point. In his opinion, language learning relies on "teacher-centered" teaching, but does not understand it at all.
Modern Language Learning has long evolved into an era where "student-centered" should be taken as the center. Specific learning of students
The characteristics of the study, the specific difficulties are not at all, do not agree to teach students in accordance with their aptitude. The basis for defending traditional teaching
Actually: second language learning is intended for application, while Chinese people learn foreign languages for further studies and exams, like
Helping people "Save Money". learning a foreign language is "useless ". I think you should learn a foreign language
This is mainly an application. Finally, he blamed the poor quality of teaching on the poor quality of teachers. If this is true
Why is there a lack of good teachers? What kind of system do these teachers become bad?
? Not to mention that China has already joined the international ranks and started a very formal language study.
Why do we deny the results of research abroad? Is it not suitable for Chinese people to accept
The above arguments can be easily refuted and are not challenging. In fact
There is a debate between the Classroom Teaching and the second language, mainly in two aspects: the first is "learning ability ".
Hypothesis (learnability hypothesis), that is, the learner cannot cross the learning stage, so it is restricted
Classroom teaching. Only when the language of a certain stage has been realized can classroom teaching at this stage be possible
The second is whether certain knowledge of "conscious language learning" can be used
How does it transform into a "subconscious" System for language communication? That is, whether there is a "connection"
Interface. In general, the observation is that conscious learning is helpful to the language,
The help is unclear. There is evidence that it is unfavorable to the "interface position" theory.
Yes, both support and opponents find that, no matter in what order, they consciously teach grammar knowledge and learners
The mastery and use of grammar and the absence of grammar knowledge are all in the same order as the teaching order.
It seems that the active Professor does not directly take effect in mastering the syntax. These two questions are deeply studied.
High, clear analysis is not easy, and there has not been a unified conclusion, it is worth and those supporting language teaching
Discussion by instructors. However, whether or not language teaching can play a role in language recognition, it is already
This is not only because our main purpose is to understand and use the language, but also because
The test is also a good test with high real capabilities.
Of course, in addition to Professor Li's lack of understanding about the language and the basic starting point, there is an important
We should understand that the objective cause has caused him to stick to his ideas. That's for many teachers.
What should I do if I don't need to teach "syntax-translation? Because there is basically no other way to choose.
When there is no suitable, scientific, adequate, and affordable second-language learning teaching material and conditions
Method-translation method is the most direct choice. Because when an English sentence appears, if the learner does not understand it,

It can only be translated into Chinese. If the sentence structure is not the same as that of Chinese, the syntax
Explain the knowledge to tell you why it is different. Some teachers have defended this method,
If you do not do this, you may even think that there is no rule. This is the crux of the inability to promote Chinese languages.
Rather than knowing the language is not suitable for China. We have mentioned before that: linguistic neurology, language
There is a huge gap between learning, language teaching, and language learning products.
From the perspective, the biggest fault lies between language teaching and language learning products.
What is the greatest worry for language educators. We have analyzed the correct language recognition strategy and the ideal system.
And material features and usage. There are some good systems abroad, but they are very expensive and difficult.
To be implemented in a general school environment. The result is left to the students. We analyzed earlier,
From scratch to the beginning of the third stage, if one hour a day, the minimum learning time is also one year,
In addition, more than a year from the third stage, the number of learning materials for two years is quite large. I cannot give
Directly provided by the customer. Of course, my highest ideal is to have the opportunity to make development affordable for everyone.
Which can also be used in schools, including second-language products of various stages.
In the traditional classroom, foreign language teaching also has a question about whether to play a role for adults.
Discuss. However, for children, the problem of foreign language teaching in the classroom is very serious. Because of children's psychology and learning
Features are not suitable for classroom-based language teaching. Children's comprehension and memory are not as good as their knowledge and experience.
Year. It was originally in the "Critical Period" most suitable for mastering a foreign language, but it was put in the most unsuitable memory class.
In the classroom, if you teach them grammar knowledge, it will make them even more confused. Medium and small
Mr. Wang, the chairman of the foreign language instructor Study Institute, once said with infinite emotion: I really shouldn't teach my children to learn English. If yes
If you learn English, you will learn faster when you are older. Why bother them? I agree with you very much. Elementary school 6
All the English content learned in years can be learned by adults in just a few months ". However
That's the best way for children to learn a foreign language. Therefore, children must use natural language
. The difficulty is also on learning products. For children to master foreign languages, next child Foreign Language Teaching
The practical experience is limited. It is not enough to provide in-depth analysis for you. You can discuss it later.
Policy. We continue to speak the language of adults.
Teacher khxia spoke well. I think the two of us have actually talked about this issue together. This is
It is the difficulty of foreign language teaching in China. Because there is no good system of understanding and complete information
Materials and teaching methods, most teachers not only fail to get the training method, but even fail to understand it.
There are also common practices to implement close-to-benefit solutions. Therefore, I personally think that the responsibility of our generation is that we are familiar with the extensive promotion language.
The second is to develop and provide language-learned materials and systems, and gradually change
The "Pure teacher-centered" teaching mode is a self-master learning mode centered on key students. Instructor
The role of it should be the status of tutoring and guidance, and the language is ultimately mastered by yourself. But it cannot
Maintain the "syntax-translation" method, because even if it is maintained, the result is that most people are "dumb English ",

So it cannot solve the current problem. The only solution is to build a new scientific system. Currently
This system is still in its infancy. Of course there will be many problems, and there is a long way to go, but it cannot be because
However, many teachers have made remarkable achievements in their attempts and efforts to limit its development.
Various publications and seminars on language teaching can be seen. Member of the CPPCC National Committee and Director of the Foreign Language Education Association
The speech of students in our country is even more incisive. Hope to be old with khxia in the future
Instructors and everyone have the opportunity to jointly develop, improve, and promote the language recognition system and learning products.
Our discussions on foreign language thinking are similar. Knowing the purpose and result is inevitable
It is necessary to think in a foreign language, but the process of implementation is coming slowly. It is established from a simple start and is anxious.
I can't do it. Basically, I don't feel anything in a year. Most of the time, as some people say
Everyone's situation is different. Some people change consciously, some people change naturally, and they learn in language.
It is an "exposure" exposure process. Like taking photos, the image is gradually clearer and
Deepen, not first out of the arm and then out of the leg. You can try to establish the English Thinking of numbers.
After a few months, I did not rely on translation. During implementation
There is fear of language interference, and it cannot be said that the mother tongue is completely excluded. As we have already said
Such as, plots, cultural backgrounds, life experiences, and contextual Connections cannot help us implement predictions.
To help us make our native language more understandable. From Practical angles
Speaking, I think that when there is a word with a low probability, you can even ignore the English thinking at the beginning.
It is highly efficient to memorize Chinese characters. The key is not to use translation to learn a foreign language or rely on translation.
It is impossible to achieve fluent communication because the words have to be Chinese characters.
In terms of language learning, I should adopt a pragmatic attitude, not superstitious about a person or an individual.
System. As Russell said: "A complete system that can justify itself often has many mistakes.
It is often highly rational that we cannot complete a fully self-organized system ." This is basically the case for various systems in the world.
This feature is even more common in the field of language research. People always hope to generalize and
To solve all the problems, the result is often to include the last 20% special cases in the system, and
The system has expanded by 80% and has become very complex and has no practical value. The syntax is actually the same.
It is enough to introduce some of the most basic temporal changes with 20% of the energy, and there is no need to be complicated,
You can use the language itself. Others are like what hzzasdf said: the syntax still has
Help. Krashen's similar analysis is: the completely learned approach will miss some syntax, so
In the high stage, we must "fill the gap ". It degrades the syntax, but the analysis of usage is still
Now let's talk about the problem of "continuous reading". A small problem has actually caught a lot of people.
In the same trap.


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