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Use IBM Rational Team concert to build a GWT Application sample and troubleshoot program failures (Debug)

Introduction: Ibm®rational®team Concert is a real-time, collaborative software delivery environment that enables the team team to simplify, automate, and oversee the management of their software delivery processes. In this tutorial, you will use Subversion to import a sample application from Google®web Toolkit (GWT) into the Rational Team concert to take full advantage of the Rational team concert Many features. In this process, we will involve the Rational team concert collaboration, source code management, agile development, and task management.

Before you start

This tutorial focuses on software developers who are engaged in large-scale projects and have distributed teams. Software developers are involved in a number of tasks, such as collaboration, communication, traceability of work items at the source level, release planning, and continuous integration-all tasks that the Rational team concert intended to achieve. This tutorial takes the basics of customer service technology, the Eclipse IDE and WEB 2.0 applications. It also assumes that you are familiar with Eclipse views, perspectives, and Plug-ins.

About this tutorial

During this tutorial, IBM has released the first public release of Rational Team concert, and it is the first product based on Rational Team concert. It provides a development environment in which developers can collaborate by leveraging consolidated resource controls, work projects, structures, control panels, reports, and process support. This tutorial presents an overview of the Rational Team Concert group collaboration features by exporting simple applications from Google Web Toolkit (GWT).

The SimpleXML application, hereafter known as Xmlordermanagement, is used to show the Rational team concert powerful features. Use Subversion to import this source code into Jazz source control and create a project and team area. This simple application is an example found in Google Web Toolkit that reads an XML file with a client command and then displays it in the client's HTML browser.

System Requirements

To implement these steps in the tutorial, you need the following software:

Google Web Tookit: Run the SimpleXML case in this toolkit.

Rational Team Concert Standard Edition 1.0: You should install clients and servers on your system and configure them so that they can be used. For an article that installs Rational team concert, see Resources at the end of this tutorial.

Subversion Clients and servers

Introduction to Rational Team concert

In this section you will learn about the risk-related content of software development in a global environment, and how Rational team concert helps mitigate these risks.

Software development in the global environment

With the traditional software development approach, you'll spend a lot of effort setting up your development environment, getting source code from the repository, and getting the right access. You are primarily connected to a request, or you connect the problem management tool to a task assigned to you, or, in a very bad situation, a manager sends you an Excel file that contains tasks and instructions. Collaborate mainly through occasional discussions or emails. Source control and versioning are often incoherent, and it is difficult to connect or track requests, source code, versions, and structures. The continuous integration structure through distributed systems proves that it is difficult to integrate into the development environment. The Rational Team concert is designed to deal with all these annoying problems in the software development process.

Imagine that you are one of the members of the global development team, and that you have offices in different countries across various time zones. Or suppose you are a member of a small local team, divided by different work schedules or departments. In any case, you need to collaborate with business analysts, architects, developers, testers, lawyers, business stakeholders, and other subject matter experts from time and distance. What kind of infrastructure can help you do your job best, individually or in groups? The Rational Team concert is designed to meet these requirements.

IBM Rational Team Concert and Jazz

IBM Rational Team Concert is the first product family to measure Jazz technology. Jazz is the latest technology platform for IBM rational collaboration software delivery. For global or geographically distributed teams, the Jazz platform has changed the way people work together to build software, making software delivery more collaborative, more productive, and more transparent. Now available in Express-c, Express and Standard editions, Rational Team concert includes integrated work item tracking, source control, and build management support in addition to the performance of the group's federated Jazz Environment. It will provide the agile team with highly collaborative experience in the development environment, especially for small and medium sized teams. Figure 1 shows the different download options and feature matrices for the Rational team concert.

Figure 1. Rational Team Concert Download options

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