Real-time monitoring of ifstat and Iftop network traffic

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The system comes with the network Interface Traffic detection tool, relatively simple

[Email protected] ~]# ifstat-a

#16202.1804289383 sampling_interval=1 time_const=60

Interface Rx pkts/rate TX pkts/rate Rx data/rate TX data/rate

Rx Errs/drop TX errs/drop Rx over/rate TX coll/rate

Lo 52055 0 52055 0 2636K 0 2636K 0

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Em1 92453K 0 89118K 0 3677M 0 3738M 0

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

EM2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

    • Rx Pkts/rate Packet Receive traffic

    • RX Errs/drop Packet Loss

    • TX pkts/rate Packet Send traffic

    • Rx Data/rate Data Receive traffic

    • TX data/rate Data Send traffic


Ability to detect traffic in real time, monitor TCP/IP connection, etc. without reporting function

Must be root to run

System is not self-brought, yum-y install Iftop can be installed


       19.1Mb            38.1Mb              57.2Mb               76.3Mb             95.4Mb +-----------------+-----------------+--------------------+--------------------+---------------------                                  =>                5.3Mb  3.22Mb  3.20Mb                                                  <=                        219kb  45.7kb  49.3kb                                   =>             144kb  30.8kb  29.6kb                                                      <=                               11.3Mb  2.38Mb  2.74Mb                                   =>                    0b   6.40kb  6.66kb                                                   <=                               0b      0b      0b                                   =>                   2.63kb  1.43kb   932b 
                                               <=                               1.31kb  1.05kb   893b                                   =>                 2.53kb  1.54kb  2.15kb                                                <=                              160b    160b    187b                                   =>               0b    166b     69b                                                    <=                              0b      0b      0b 
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TX:             cum:   9.70MB   peak:   15.6Mb                         rates:   15.4Mb  3.26Mb  3.23Mb
RX:                    8.38MB           14.9Mb                                  11.5Mb  2.42Mb  2.79Mb
TOTAL:                 18.1MB           30.5Mb                                  27.0Mb  5.69Mb  6.03Mb

First line: Broadband display

Middle section: List of external connections, that is, what IP is logged and the network connection to this computer

Middle part right: The real-time parameters are the average traffic for the IP connected to the native 2,10,40 seconds.

= = sends the data; <= represents the Received data

Bottom three lines: Send, receive and all network traffic on behalf of

Bottom three row second column: for running iftop to current traffic

Bottom three row third column: for peak value

Bottom three row fourth column: average of 2,10,40 seconds

Through the Iftop interface display results are easy to find which IP in the occupied network traffic, this is ifstat do not, but the Iftop traffic display unit is bit, is the bits.

Iftop-h Display Help

Iftop-n display the IP or hostname of this machine

Iftop-s toggles whether to display host information for remote destination hosts

IFTOP-T Toggle display format is 2 lines/1 lines/only sent traffic/only the received traffic is displayed

Iftop-n Display port number or port service name

Iftop-s toggles whether to display port information for this machine

Iftop-d toggles whether to display port information for remote destination host

Press P: Toggle whether port information is displayed

Press P: Toggle Pause/Resume Display

Press B: Toggles whether the average flow graph bar is displayed

Press B: Switch to calculate the average flow in 2,10,40 seconds

Press T: Toggles whether the total traffic for each connection is displayed

Press L: Turn on the screen filtering function, enter the characters to filter, such as IP, press ENTER, you can only display this IP-related traffic information

Press L: Toggle the top of the display screen, the scale is different, the flow graph bar will change

Press J or K: you can scroll up or down to display the connection record

Press 1 or 2 or 3: You can sort by the three-column flow data displayed on the right

Press <: Sort by the local name and IP on the left

: Sort by hostname or IP of the remote destination host

Press O: Toggle whether the current connection is only displayed

Press f: Edit filter code, rarely used

By! : You can use shell commands and seldom use

Q: Exit monitoring

Real-time monitoring of ifstat and Iftop network traffic

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