Reasons for modem not performing dialing operation and its solution

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When using modem to surf the Internet, we are likely to encounter the modem does not perform dial-up operation trouble. In the correct connection to the computer, modem and telephone lines, dial-up Internet operation, if the modem does not dial tone, always did not connect or LED does not flicker, indicating that the modem did not perform dial-up operation, causing a lot of reasons for this failure, is analyzed as follows:

1. Can you perform a dial-up operation correctly the last time you use it, if you can dial at the time you used it and can't dial now, see step 2nd, or go to step 5th.

2. Have recently modified the modem, serial port settings, if modified, please restore the relevant parameters to the settings before the modification to try again. If the problem is resolved, the modem will work properly, otherwise continue.

3. Whether or not recently installed any software or hardware devices, if the installation, may be the software or hardware and modem conflict. Consider deleting the software or removing the hardware, or reinstalling the modem driver. Solve the problem, or continue.

4. Has the recent lightning strike, lightning, if the modem and wire plugs are not taken, it may be the modem was damaged by lightning. Please use the Exchange method, a good modem in the test on this machine, to see if there are any problems.

5. Switch your modem to another computer, try dialing, see if you can hear a dial tone, and go to step 10th if you hear a dial tone.

6. If you can not hear the dial tone, then check the modem connected with the phone can dial, if not, may be the phone line itself failure, please check the telephone line.

7. If the telephone line itself does not have a fault, then check whether the communication software can recognize the modem, detailed processing please see "Computer" 1998 the 35th issue of the 36th edition of the "Computer can not recognize the processing of modem" a article.

8. Redial, if the dial is normal, the problem is resolved, otherwise continue.

9. If the communication software has been able to correctly identify the modem, please check the modem parameters in the communication software is normal; If the system you are using is Windows

3.X, double-click Ports in Control Panel, and then select the COM port that you are using, and click Advanced property, verify that the port that is connected to the modem is correct, and that the I/O address, IRQ interrupt is the same as the hardware setting. If you are using a system that is Windows

95/98, double-click Modems in Control Panel, click the General tab, click the modem you are using, click Properties, and confirm that the port you are connecting to your modem is correct. Then dial again, and if the dial is normal, the problem is resolved.

10.Fruit hardware connection, parameter settings are normal, please check the phone's dial wait tone is normal, normal dialing wait for sound should be long, if the dial wait for sound normal, please go to step 12th, or continue.

11. If the dialing wait tone is not normal, check if the phone has a voice mail or similar device installed in the Telecommunications Bureau, such as the phone's dialing wait tone is a series of short sounds, please replace the phone not installed voice mail or to the Telecommunications bureau to stop the voice mail function and then try again. If you are using the Windows

95/98 operating system, you can also double-click Modems in Control Panel, click the General tab, click the modem you are using, click Properties, and, in the Connection tab, cancel "Wait for dial tone before dialing" check box in front of the checkbox.

12. If the dial tone is not normal, check to see if the phone was canceled before connecting. If, in Control Panel, double-click Modems, click the General tab, click the modem you are using, and then click Properties, and in the Connection tab, cancel the check box in the checkbox before you cancel the call if it is not connected. If you do not want to disable this option, increase the number of seconds.

13. Check that the audio or pulse mode of the dial tone is normal. If not, in Control Panel, double-click Modems, click the General tab, click the modem you are using, click Properties, click Dialing Properties, and then select the correct audio and pulse mode.

14. If the telephone extension is connected to the modem, check if the phone number you entered is an outside prefix number, such as 0 or 9.

15. Check that the phone number itself is in the correct format and that the phone number is in the International standard format, as follows:

Country Code (code) phone number

Country code and area code can only consist of numbers 0 through 9, phone numbers can contain hyphens, periods, Spaces and other format characters.

16. If the modem is connected to a telephone that is in parallel, check if the phone is picked up or on call, make sure it is not in use and the phone is in the correct position.

17. If there is no problem with the dial-up system, please check that the modem driver used by the system is correct, and if it does not conform to the modem model used, please reinstall it with the modem driver tray.

18. All of the above steps to check still can not solve the problem, please replace the same model of the modem to try again, if the replacement of the modem problem solution, the original modem has been bad, please contact the manufacturer or sales company

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