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Eyelids are responsible for the work of closing eyes, by the eyes around the eye of the orbicularis oculi muscle, and what we call the eyelid jump, in fact, is to control the eyelid muscles of the nerve caused by abnormal nerves, that is, part of the orbicularis oculi muscle fibers in a short period of time can not be independent of the continuous contraction, so that affect the skin.
Generally in excessive fatigue, with the eye too long or lack of sleep, the incidence of eyelid jump is more frequent, other such as strong light, the stimulation of drugs, or the eyes were blown into foreign bodies, or often smoking and drinking, etc., will stimulate the eyes, causing eyelid jump.

The most common eyelid jump is the "muscular quiver" of the orbicularis oculi muscle, jump a few seconds to a few minutes each time, the normal situation as long as after a period of time, it will automatically recover, you can close your eyes to rest, or with a hot towel to apply the eyes, and with a balanced diet and adequate sleep, to shorten the eyelid beat time.

If the eyelid jumps non-stop, should immediately seek the doctor to diagnose and treat. If your eyelid beats, is with half facial muscle, eyebrow and quarrel all twitch of words, may be facial nerve is stimulated to cause spasm phenomenon, should be active treatment, otherwise will appear mouth yo eye oblique disease.

For the eyelid beat, Chinese medicine is considered to be caused by a long illness over the injury of the heart and spleen, or liver and spleen blood deficiency wind.

If the heart and spleen two deficiency caused, and have insomnia amnesia, upset palpitation, eating less body tired and other disease, can "return to the spleen soup" plus and minus the herbs of treatment; if due to blood deficiency wind caused, and often beat, and with eyebrow, forehead, face, quarrel phase and not self-control, then "Angelica Huoxue Yin" plus and minus the taste of medicine for the treatment of

according to superstition:

Analysis by hour

The midnight: 23--before 01 O ' Point

Left eye: Unexpected joy comes, there will be good luck, your heart should be a little stronger, don't get too excited.

Right eye: Someone invites you to eat, you can save a sum of money, but this person's purpose is not clear, you have to weigh more.

Shing: 01--Before 03 o '-point

Left Eye: Home recently very troublesome, the size of things bothered, I do not know how to do, short of a helpless.

Right eye: Someone misses you, may be the family elders, each other for too long, have time to call to care about it.
Yinshi: 03--Before 05 O '-point

Left eye: There will be friends from afar, eat you a meal! If you are not a figure or a lot of money at hand, received a friend phone must be loaded busy.

Right eye: The family has the opportunity to get windfall, for example, suddenly won the prize, but also may lose the money to find back.
Shing: 05--Before 07 o '-point

Left eye: The VIP Guest report, lets your life reappear the dawn, more attention suddenly appears in your side, the long time not seeing friend.

Right eye: safe and smooth, do not have to worry too much about the possible danger of the situation, the auspicious people have their own days, peace of mind to sleep.
Chen Shi Shenzhou: 07--Before 09 O '-point

Left eye: The relationship will become good, long time no friends meet again, may bring good news.

Right eye: Money is so unknowingly flow lost, spent a lot of money wronged.
Sishi: 09--Before 11 o '-point

Left eye: will have the benefit to be able to be fished, the present you quite uses the value, the others will let you three points.

Right eye: Drive carefully, remind the family to pay more attention to peace, the danger appears in four weeks.
Noon: 11--Before 13 o ' point

Left eye: Long-term cultivation finally has the result, you may relax, prepares to enjoy the achievement.

Right eye: Unexpected things happen, fortunately, the probability is not high, continue to maintain vigilance is good.
West: 13--Before 15 o '-point

Left eye: You may lose a lot of money when you bet or play mahjong.

Right eye: Something good happens, but it's insignificant and you won't be happy with that little thing.
Have: 15--Before 17 o '-point

Left eye: Suddenly remembered what thing? Do it quickly, the one you think of now is the easiest to succeed.

Right eye: The opposite sex is good, your noble is opposite sex, they are more tolerant to you than same sex.

Youshi: 17--Before 19 o '-point

Left eye: The person is busy for the people, fortunately has the harvest, helps others also in helps oneself.

Right eye: Just know friends can be very ripe, and they are more familiar with the point will be very good.
Shing: 19--Before 21 o '-point

Left eye: Someone assigns work to you, do not think too much, quick promise, other problems will be solved naturally!

Right eye: Do you think you are complacent? Be careful that the villain is ready to insult you, don't be too arrogant.
Haishi: 21--Before 23 o '-point

Left eye: Enjoy family reunion, many affirmation, and then add strength, you will do more beautiful.

Right eye: Beware the lawsuit dispute, you either the tongue offends the person, or is the bad thing!

The eyelid jumps the big divination
Have you noticed that your eyelids skipped today? Is it a little tense? Everyone said: "Jump left, right jump disaster" seems to be a little too general, the following is according to the week to divination your eyelids jump:

Monday: Left eye jump, something's going to happen today!
The right eye jumps, the ordinary matter, does not matter.

Tuesday: The left eye jumps, the mood will be very happy.
The right eye jumps, the unpleasant thing will happen.

Wednesday: Left eye jump, someone like you!
Jump right eye, something will make you angry.

Thursday: Left eye jump, something unexpected happened.
Jump right eye, don't meddle in anything today.

Friday: The left eye jumps, someone is missing you.
Right eye jump, will happen a happy thing.

Saturday: Left eye jump, these days will reveal your secret.
The right eye jumps, will receive the present in the near future.

Sunday: The left eye jumps, something unexpected will happen.
The right eye jumps, has the good luck.

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