Recommend a programmer-friendly font (with download address and Platform installation method)

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Writing code often requires finding a font that looks comfortable, at least to the satisfaction of:

    1. Letters and numbers are easy to distinguish, such as: 0 and O, 1 and L, ' and ' (two single and double quotes)
    2. Font equal width, keep aligned
    3. Pretty
    4. Free

After testing, the following font is recommended

Adobe Source Code Pro Home:


Installation method:

    • Mac OS Double-click the downloaded font file, click the "Install Font" button below the font preview to choose "Go" > "Apps" > "Font Book" in the Finder to see

    • Windows Double-click the downloaded font file and select Install after opening

    • Linux downloads fonts, extracts them, and then copies them to the/usr/share/fonts/opentype directory (requires administrator privileges) before executing: $ sudo fc-cache-f-V is ready to use the new font.

: Source-code-pro/archive/2.030r-ro/1.050r-it.tar.gz

Recommend a programmer-friendly font (attached to each platform installation method)

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