Recommend several extensions for front-end Chorme

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Below to explain the next few plugins

(0) Context: Management of these messy extensions, plug-in with the time, point open, when not used, close, so as to reduce the load of the tour

(1) AngularJS Batarang: Test angular, the AngularJS option will appear after opening the console

(2) Duitang: Heap Sugar site collection of pictures of the fast, heap sugar collection tools, full-screen pictures, to collect heap of sugar

(3) Flip the script: locally modified script for the site, still valid after refreshing

(4) Office editing extensions for Google Docs, Sheets, and slides: online apps don't need to install local office

(5) IP Address and Domain information: The final online survey tool! See detailed information for each IP address, domain name, and provider.

(6) National flag of IP domain: Displays the position of the national flag State and other IP/domain information bars.

(7) Stylish: Modify the Web site's CSS locally, support network refresh

(8) Talking Web: Select the text you want to read, let talking Web to read to you!

(9) Ultrasurf Security, Privacy & Unblock VPN: A free VPN is stable. I've only used it once so I'm not sure.

(ten) Web front-end assistant:

(one) Whatfont: viewing fonts on a Web page

(12) Capture Web pages: Capture pages, edit and save them as pdf,jpeg,gif,png or BMP; Upload, print, open in Photoshop, copy to clipboard or email

(13) Virtual keyboard: Our virtual keyboard provides text input assistance, including a foreign language virtual keyboard. For example, you need to type in Russia, but don't you have a Russian keyboard? For a virtual keyboard, you can type text with the on-screen keyboard layout using the native keyboard layout. We support multiple languages. Below is a short list of the most popular languages in supported languages including Russian/Hindi/Chinese/Malay/Bahasa Indonesia/Tagalog/Swedish/German or French.

Recommend several extensions for front-end Chorme

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