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ASP language station is still widely used, to run ASP programs, you must install the environment of debugging ASP, here we need to install Windows from the IIS as a server. The installation of IIS is a difficult task for the unprofessional, and usually does not know how to proceed, and the installation process is cumbersome, error prone, and requires the operating system installation CD-ROM. Here, I recommend some fool-type ASP Server software, more suitable for the junior webmaster.

1.IIS Automatic installation program:

Official website:

One-click Fast Install IIS, keep the original IIS flavor, is a large volume point. The friend who likes IIS can try, the function is very full.

2.Aws (Ajiu aspwebserver)

Official website:

AWS, Aspwebserver abbreviation, is a very powerful but only hundreds of KB size of pure green software, easy to support online upgrades quickly. Having AWS means you can abandon IIS! She can almost perfect support for ASP, the LAN and the Internet can quickly establish their own Web server, and has supported the domain name binding, virtual directory and other functions.

Put the file (Aws.exe) in the root directory of the Web site, double-click Run Aws.exe, the software will automatically open the Web site, the default home page: default.html, index.asp, index.html and so on.

Warm tip: This software is very good, I have been using. Sometimes, AWS may not be able to parse certain functions in the ASP correctly, and 500 errors occur.


Official website:

Netbox is a new concept development platform that provides the industry's fastest development and compilation tool for developing Internet business applications. Now has a long history, a lot of webmaster site source testing tools, are based on the Netbox core do two times development.

4. Small Cyclone ASP Server

The software is a powerful and concise Aspweb server that is developed under the Netbox core by the Invincible sword, and you can completely discard the bulky winnt,win2000 server system and the porous IIS by using this software. Now you can debug and publish your ASP program on any of the systems. The operating system currently tested is: Windows 98;windows se;windows me;windows nt+ie4;windows 2000;windows. NET Server. The Access,sql database is now fully supported. Operation Instructions:

1. Install small Cyclone Aspweb Server 2005. Very simple.

2. Copy your ASP program to the Wwwroot directory in the installation directory.

Finally, open the browser and enter in the Address bar: HTTP:// http://localhost/)

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