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1. Eg3
Embedded Development websites
Point, provides a lot of information about embedded development. Including development companies, technical documents, and free resources. The layout includes busses & Boards and embedded.
Software, DSP, embedded systems, open source, RTOS, embedded
Chips, System-on-a-chip, and so on.
Highly recommended
Http:// Languages

2. The first stop for the latest ICS and components
A very good website for information about microprocessor, DSP, and programming controller, which is updated very quickly. I strongly recommend some leaders to visit the market and learn about the industry trends!
Http:// Languages

3. Programmers heaven-Assembler Programming Zone
A large numberSource code, Clear classification, strongly recommended. However, many of them seem to be no longer updated.
Http:// Languages

4. We recommend that you collect a lot of ARM development tools on the arm development website, which is free of charge.
Http:// Languages

5. Arm Chinese website, official website

6. projects completed by ece476 of the cornell university course in the United States.
projects have detailed learning materials. There are more than 200 projects. Looking at these things, you can feel the difference between domestic and foreign teaching practices. Many colleges and universities in our country have electronic-related majors designed to build a keyboard.
we have a max7219 display and a ds1302 clock, which is 'unchanged for one hundred year '. I remember it. Let's study it. In particular, teachers must think deeply.
A hair Language

7. Build your own microcontroller Projects
Page provides schematic and software for hobbyists to practice "Learn
By doing ", build a simple microcontroller projects at home. For those
Who wowould like to contribute projects, please prepare HTML files
Whatever you like to see but keep all files small and informative. I
Shall provide for others. Good place for DIY, highly recommended.
Http:// /~ Kswichit/-Foreign Languages

8. From the lpc2000 Yahoo! Group recommendation
Http:// /~ Lpc2000/body.html-Foreign Languages

9. GNU arm? Toolchain for cygwin, Linux and MACOs. Recommended
Here is its practical resource
Discussion Group
File Download
Http:// Languages

10. Armuc wiki. A large number of development materials are strongly recommended.
Http:// Languages

11. A large number of practical links from
Here are a lot of links used for collecting information about the AVR, 8051, arm, and PIC, which is the best I have ever seen. Unfortunately, the website language is German.
Http:// Languages

12. Lpc2000 information page featuring the Philips arm Microcontrollers
About the professional website of lpc2100
Http:// Languages

13. Armboot
Is an open-source firmware suite for ARM based platforms. armboot is
Heavily based on the sister-Project ppcboot, which provides similar
Functionality on powerpc based systems. armboot shall be a common,
Easy-to-use and easy-to-port boot Platform
Http:// Languages

14. Zhou ligong Microcontroller
A well-known private enterprise in China, he mainly acts as a proxy for the ARM microcontroller and MCU of Philips. On this website, he can download a large amount of relevant information. Recommended

15. Armphetamine
Is a project to create a fast and accurate ARM processor emulator.
Technique known as "dynamic recompilation" will be used so that
Highest possible speed can be achieved for emulated code-arm code
Programs are translated into native code as they are being emulated.
Current development platform is Linux/x86
Http:// Languages

16. Linux for all arm based machines
A Linux operating system suitable for porting to an arm structure.
Http:// Languages

17. Universal bootloader
Bootloader project provides firmware with full source code under GPL.
Many CPU ubuntures are supported: POWERPC (mpc5xx, mpc8xx, mpc82xx,
Mpc7xx, mpc74xx, 4xx), arm (ARM7, arm9-, Strongarm, XScale ),
MIPs (4kc, 5kc), x86 ,...
Http:// Languages

18. Skyeye Project
Is an open source software (opensource
Software) project. The Chinese name is "Tianmu ". Skyeye aims to implement a simulated integrated development environment on general Linux and Windows platforms and simulate ARM-based
Embedded Computer System; can run arm on Skyeye
Linux, uClinux, uC/OS-II and other embedded operating systems, and their source code-level analysis and testing
Http:// Languages

19. UClinux-elf-Tools
An excellent cross-compilation tool. The m68k system and arm system have good performance.
Http:// Languages

20. Mcuserver
A professional website about electronic development, but I do not know the language of the website, but I barely understand it. Its download area has a lot of practical materials that can be downloaded only after registration. It provides many DIY circuits, such as PIC, AVR, MSP430, FPGA, arm, and 8051. Recommendation
Http:// Languages

21. Embeder's family-embedded home
Personal site, but here are some related resources to download Forumid = 10
Its arm Forum can also.


22. Armtime Technology
Recommended. Relatively good arm websites, professional websites.

23. GNU toolchain for ARM Processors
Http:// Languages

24. Armlinux Resources
Here are links to various resources for armlinux. Mostly off-site but some are maintained here.
Http:// Languages

A Very Good personal website in Germany, some electronic production.
1 is a classic web server that uses the AVR microcontroller. RTL8019 chip.
2. Use CPLD to generate a video signal VGA.
3, μClinux-mini Linux for the Philips's arm lpc2294 Language

26. boot
on any device needs a boot-loader and some means to get boot-loader
installed in the first place. here we look at the specifics for ARM
architecture devices booting LINUX, covering available boot-loaders and
their capabilities, some general principles and mechanic ISMs for uploading
the Linux kernel and root filesystem, giving specific examples with
jflash-Linux and blob.

27. Wuhan chuangwei embedded salon
Mainly about arm development.
Download Page some nice stuff:

28. Debian GNU/Linux on ARM
These pages you'll find information about the ongoing effort of porting
Debian GNU/Linux to the ARM architecture which is often found in
Embedded Systems
Http:// Languages

29. Arm documentation from the official website
Http:// Languages

30. Arm devlopments
Http:// Languages

31. RTLinux for strongarm
Http:// Languages

32. DIY pic, AVR, arm, and MSP430 Development
This website provides a lot of development materials for PIC, AVR, arm, and MSP430, which are especially suitable for self-production and development systems. Its arm Development (using the lpc21 ** series) is very informative. Recommended.
Http:// Languages

33. Hangzhou Leyton Technology Co., Ltd.
Although it was developed by the buyer's arm (mainly Samsung's chip) Development Board, there are also many development materials to download, development of Samsung arm should not be missed.

34. Embedded Open-Source Projects
It is a technical website suitable for beginners to learn embedded development. The lumit name is taken from the abbreviation of let us make it together. We look forward to our friends who are interested in embedded technology to learn, create, discuss and make progress together.
Lumit is also an open-source project that allows you to download software and hardware materials for free. At present, the main goal is to create a practical USB flash drive based on the ARM7TDMI cloud4510 Development Board, in the future, we hope to make MP3, PDA, DC, and DV.

35. Arm age
Provided: ARM Simulator | arm Development Board | ARM technology project solution Molding Product, and some arm development materials for download

36. Download arm data from Guangzhou friendly arm

37. Aeolus development-embedded hardware and software
Http:// Languages

38. Bing blog: arm and embedded development

39. Public Laboratory of Single-Chip Microcomputer in China -- let's take a look.

40. 52arm micro-electrical communication technology network

41. Siheng technology-integrated electronic website developed by DSP, arm, FPGA, etc.
There are not many materials on the company's website. You can check them out if you have time.

42. Download ARM chips from Samsung Official Website
Http:// Family_cd = lsi090101-Foreign Languages

43. Xi'an Jianhua Technology Industry Co., Ltd.
Provides the arm Development Board and a small number of ARM development documents.

44. Chapter E-Technology Network-download many practical electronic materials.

45. Arm Column

46. Instruction Set quick Finder
Document describes, as completely as I am aware of, the arm instruction
Set. If, however, you are only interested in the Instructions relating
To programming under Proteus OS, you may prefer to read the shorter quick
Finder document...

47. Arm Learning Network
Http: // 8088/-Chinese


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